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A Book A Day Giveaway!


Welcome to The Pen & Muse A Book A Day Giveaway!

In honor of our amazing readers, we are doing a giveaway.
I have tons of romance, fiction books and ebooks to giveaway!

Your mission should you choose it : Is to comment your heart out on our most
recent blog postings. I will announce the winner the next day, so be sure to check back to see if you won! Winners will be chosen on a random basis.

Writers: If you would like to donate books, feel free to email : thepenmuse@gmail.com

Have fun!


  1. That is very nice of you Denisse! (Interesting spelling on your name BTW!)
    Thanks! (Miriam mentioned your "techy" post… I have to read that in more detail but… what can I say "Giveaway caught my eye!" LOL

  2. Holy cow, Denisse, you are fluent in geek-speak! I'm impressed. Thanks for the tips.

    Best–Adele Dubois

  3. This sounds too like fun! Thanks Denisse! I'm having fun catching up as much! Thanks!


  4. Thanks Adele. I do work for Apple so I am very fluent in geek speak always have been. LOL Thanks for commenting!


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