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Genre: paranormal/vampire
Price: FREE
Cover: Heather Gardener
An ancient heart on the edge of humanity… what will happen when lust wakes, and obsession drives him to take what he wants, at any cost… Will forever be the gift he claims it to be? Or will she deny him to the end of time when she knows the truth of his actions? Eternity awaits….

He felt her anguish washing over him in waves, each new torrent of grief like the power of a tide battering his mind. He watched her from concealment, as he had for weeks, and wondered when the raw power of her grief would begin to ease. He’d been observing this woman for what felt like years; in truth it had only been a little over a month. Each night his obsession, and his hunger, grew within him.

How long had it been since any woman had called to him like this? He searched his vast memory and found no answer.

Lady Rebecca D’Angeaux, wife of the late Lord Bernard D’Angeaux.

He’d met them briefly at one of the gala events of the season. He attended many grand parties, and they all ran together in his mind, but that night had been different. The Duke of Cornwall had introduced his daughter to society that night, and relatives near and far had arrived to attend the lavish ball. Lady Rebecca was a distant cousin, he had later learned.

So, for the first time in many years, the Comte Gerard des Montagne had been smitten by a mere woman. He hardly believed it himself. He had thought about Rebecca with all the passionate ardor of a boy smitten for the first time. The absurdity didn’t escape him, but it remained in spite of his efforts to forget her. She haunted him; her pale, flawless skin, her flaxen fair hair, the soft cadence of her voice… Even the faint whisper of her scent, lavender and wildflowers, was like a drug to him…


Continue the story here: http://www.solsticepublishing.com/products/Eternity-Awaits.html

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