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Being Undead–A Period of Adjustment


Can life become more complicated? As if being a newlywed weren’t enough of an adjustment, try doing it UNDEAD. Yep, as a new vampire, I’ve got my share of challenges. Growing up in sunny Florida, worshiping the blaring rays, I now am praying for overcast days. Sunscreen in 75 strength is my moisturizer. I just picked up a new pair of Chanel sunglasses (courtesy of my best friend, Meredith) with ultra UV protection, so my eyes are protected, and luckily, my office is windowless.

Oh, did I mention I’m a dentist? My long-time patients are remarking about how translucent my skin has become and how svelte I am. They have no idea the new me is courtesy of being undead. Yes, no more struggling with weight. As soon as my transformation to vampire was complete, I dropped those last 10 pounds I’d been struggling to shed. I was worried my husband (that would be John Wright, the vampire vigilante), would miss my love handles, but he’s still smitten.

Currently, my biggest challenge is a jealous vampire in London who was my husband’s first wife’s partner-in-crime. Amy’s been cropping up on a regular basis to threaten me, and John’s planning a visit to London to annihilate her and her nasty coven of teenage vampires. I shudder to think of the confrontation with that nasty female, but John assures me that he can handle her. Once she’s out of the picture, John promises we can start a family. Just in case you were wondering, vampires beget vampires. There’s something oddly comforting about that.

We’re just back from our honeymoon in Venice, where we assisted John’s friend Lucianno in breaking up a Mafia drug ring. I’d been looking forward to the excitement of hot and heavy vampire lovemaking, so I was a bit peeved with the Mafia’s intrusion. That said, it was good experience for me. I got to sharpen my fangs on some crime work, which I’ll be doing soon enough in Orlando. John still isn’t ready for me to join him on the streets of Central Florida, putting a bite on crime, but I’m learning the ropes. I can happily announce that I now can move at the speed of light and my peripheral vision is 360 degrees. Haven’t mastered the art of morphing to bat form, but I’ll keep you posted.

If you want to follow my antics, pick up Fang Shui, now available from DCL Publishing. And for the story of how John and I met, start with Love Fang, a current TOP 5 best-seller from DCL (www.thedarkcastlelords.com). Happy reading, and please don’t hesitate to offer your suggestions. I need all the help I can get.

Dr. Lauren Marsh Wright, DDS


  1. Susan, this is so great! I absolutely cannot wait to read this. 🙂 I can’t wait to read how she met her husband!

  2. Denise, Thanks for the post. Pen & Muse just keeps getting better and better, and my fang crew and I are proud to be associated with such a super blog for authors & readers.

  3. Miriam, I was ready to throw my computer out the second-story window today. AARGH! Happily, Pen & Muse saved the day. Thanks for introducing me to this fabulous resource.

  4. Cool blog. I love how you wrote it through your character’s eyes. It was much more personal, I think. And your title is fabulous!

    Good luck with sales.

  5. Thanks, Jannine. It’s fun being Lauren, and I’m not through with her. There are two more novellas in the series. Stay tuned.

  6. Hey, no one has talked to the character yet! Where is the fun in that? Okay, well, I want to talk to her.

    Dr. Lauren, it’s great you’re looking at the good sides to being a vamp. You forgot no wrinkles! Anywho, I loved reading the story of how you met your hubby, and in Fang Shui…I felt your pain when you were on your honeymoon and you didn’t get to really enjoy yourself.
    I have two questions – what’s your favorite reality TV show and have you started thinking about baby names? I hear Dawn is a very popular girl name. Just throwing that out there!


  7. Dawn is just wrong for a vamp baby, on oh, so many levels….Dusk would be more appropriate, don’t you think?

    Doc, as a fellow Floridian, I do want to remind you to be wary of mosquitoes. They do roam at night, you know, and depending on where you get your dinner, they may consider you the mosquito equivalent of the Golden Corral!

    Do you miss the beach? Between the sun and saltwater, it can’t be comfortable.


  8. ooh Baby name… so far so good with the name thrown out there. I would possibly go with Cara for a girl. I do like Dawn and Dusk too.

  9. Dawn, thanks for your questions. You are so right about the wrinkles. Not aging is a definite plus to my new (and eternal) status. My favorite reality show when I was human was Dancing with the Stars, but now that I can leap tall buildings in a single bound, I’m not so intimidated by the dancers’ moves. Still can’t sing, however, so I’ve segued to American Idol. And baby names? All right, the cat’s out of the bag, I’m pregnant. Since I’m due in December (though vampire gestation is a tad iffy), I’m considering names like Holly, Gabriela and Noelle. You’ll find out the baby’s name in Mistletoe Fangs, which will be one of the stories in DCL’s Christmas anthology, Season of Love. Thanks for your questions, Dawn, and good luck with your writing. Can’t wait to celebrate Asmodeus in PRINT!

  10. Lorena, you crack me up! Dusk, huh? I don’t think so. Mosquitoes? There’s a simple solution to that…bats eat mosquitoes. Of course, as a vampire bat, I’ll be looking for different prey. My husband had an unfortunate incident one evening when a particularly large female bat spied him and wanted more than her share of mosquitoes. Bat sex? No, I’m not going there. And the beach? Yeah, I miss it, but life (or should I say eternity) is a trade off.

  11. Lauren, remember it’s a good thing to stay out of the sun. You’ll stay younger, longer. Not that that’s a problem for you any more, I guess.

    Anyway, remember to take lots of Vitamin D. A vampire with rickets could get a tad cranky.

    Good luck with the bat morph stuff. Jeanne

  12. Thanks, Joan! There are days I really feel like my character. I have to remind myself that I can’t leap from tall buildings. Happy reading!

  13. Miriam, are you ready to segue to wine? Possibly a nice Pinot Noir? Celebrate, lady. You’ve got a new book out and your ordeal is over. Congratulations!

  14. Oh, Susan, that sounds so good. All I have on hand is Killian’s Irish Red, but that’ll do! Too bad I couldn’t go to Dr. Lauren Marsh! We would have had an interesting conversation. Because if you think I’d bat an eyelash at somebody telling me they were a vampire, think again!


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