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    9780373757336Praise for Cathy Gillen Thacker

     “It was definitely a memorable story, in which we can all learn and grow from.”

    —Goodreads Reviews

    “Nicely written, engaging storyline, strong characters, delightful use of toddler appropriate behavior and dialogue, great secondary cast, sweet family theme throughout, with wonderful interactions between hero and toddler…”

    —Amazon Reviews


    “Sexy and sweet, Thacker fills the fourth McCabe multiples story with humor, drama and passion, gently pushing her two reluctant leads into the future they deserve.”

    —RT Book Reviews


    A Texas Cowboy’s Christmas

    by Cathy Gillen Thacker


    A Gift as Big as Texas

    Molly Griffith is ambitious and only wants to give her little boy the opportunities she never had—which means moving to Dallas, no matter what Chance Lockhart says! Though being with the handsome rancher does make the idea of small-town life more tempting…


    Molly has always gotten under Chance’s skin, and now that he’s bonded with her little tyke, he can’t imagine Bullhaven Ranch without them. But the single mom is so focused on her big-city fairy tale, she could miss Chance’s offer of the most important gift of all—the love and support of a real family.


    CATHY GILLEN THACKER is a full-time wife, mother and author who began writing stories for her own amusement during “nap time” when her children were toddlers. Twenty years and more than 50 published novels later, Cathy is almost as well-known for her witty romantic comedies and warm, family stories as she is for her ability to get grass stains and red clay out of almost anything, her triple layer brownies, and her knack for knowing what her husband and children are up to almost before they do! Find out more by checking Cathy’s website.



    by Cathy Gillen Thacker

    Harlequin Western Romance; November 8, 2016
    $5.50 U.S.; 224 Pages

    Bon Appétit and a Book: A delicious recipe to enjoy alongside the book with an image.  See pumpkin pie recipe. Cathy Gillen Thacker’s Pumpkin Pie


    ¾ cup granulated sugar

    1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

    ½ teaspoon salt

    1 teaspoon ground ginger

    ½ teaspoon ground nutmeg

    2 large eggs

    A 15 oz. can pure pumpkin

    A 12 oz.  can evaporated milk

    1 unbaked 9 inch pie shell  (deep dish)


    Mix sugar, cinnamon, salt, ginger and nutmeg in small bowl.  Beat eggs in large bowl, and mix in pumpkin, evaporated milk, and sugar-spice mixture.

    Pour into pie shell.

    Bake in preheated 425 degree oven for 15 minutes, then reduce heat to 350 degrees and bake another 40-50 minutes or until knife inserted in middle comes out clean.  Cool for 2 hours.  Serve immediately or refrigerate.  Top with whipped cream before serving.

    Serves 8, so if you have a big crowd, you may want to double or triple the recipe.


    Song Playlist: A prepared playlist of songs that embodies the book’s characters and their love story.

    This story is set in November and December, so there is a lot of Christmas music in the playlist for A TEXAS COWBOY’S CHRISTMAS.

    CHRISTMAS COOKIES by George Strait

    LET IT BE CHRISTMAS by Alan Jackson

    THERE’S A NEW KID IN TOWN by Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson



    I BELIEVE IN SANTA CLAUS by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers


    WINTER WONDERLAND  by Sugarland

    SONG FOR A WINTER’S NIGHT  by Sarah McLachlan

    A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS original soundtrack in its entirety

    FELIZ NAVIDAD by Michael Buble


    How-to Tips for Aspiring Writers: Tips for those looking to get their work published/break into the industry.  Read as much as possible.  Newspapers, blogs. Magazines, novels in and out of your genre, biographies, memoirs.  Figure out what you like about whatever it is you are reading, and just as importantly, what you don’t.  Write every day.  Finish what you write.  It’s easy to begin a story, not so easy to see it through to the end, and it is seeing the story through to the finish that teaches you the craft of writing.  Then, start the next project, while you are trying to sell the first.

    Writer’s Space: Photos and a brief description of the place where they do their writing.


    I write in my downstairs study at home, and in a small room on the second floor where I keep my published novels and a desktop computer/printer/copier.  The first is spacious, and the second is cramped and messy.  Sometimes I need to be in cramped and messy, and sometimes I must have room to spread out all my various notes, and pictures and research materials.  (I sent a picture of the study in a separate email.)

    Love Lessons Learned: Real life romance lessons learned from the book.

    Money doesn’t buy happiness.  Real security comes from caring about others and being cared for in return.

    Movie Star Cast: The author picks movie stars to play the characters in a movie.


    Mandy Moore and Aaron Eckhart.


    A Thankful Thanksgiving: The author describes who and what they are thankful for in honor of the Thanksgiving.


    Friends and family.  The community and country where I live.  Good health—never something to take for granted.  I also like that Thanksgiving is the advent of the holiday season.

    This book ends at Christmas, and that symbolizes hope, joy, and faith.









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