Grammar Guru

At Kate Hofman's request, today I'm going to try to give a good, not-too-technical explanation of the uses of there, their and they're.There=DIRECTION, PLACE...

Tips from Our Readers

Hey everyone! I again wanted to thank our readers for coming to the blog. I also asked a couple of people who read the blog...

Grammar Guru

Here's a sure-fire way to remember the ins-and-outs of those pesky little dialogue tags, beginning with an example:"That was easy," she said.Assuming you need...

Poetic Activism: Authors from Two Hemispheres Celebrate Earth Day for the World and Universe

M E D I A      R E L E A S E CONTACT: Carolyn Howard-Johnson E-mail: HoJoNews (at) AOL (dot) com CONTACT: : Magdalena Ball E-mail:...

Celtic Women & Women in Celtic Literature

  CELTIC WOMEN Celtic Women & Women in Celtic Literature Women have had many roles in various cultures. The Celtic women were a major exception to what...

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