The Pen Review II: Ruby’s Rules

What do you get with a woman who has everything yet constantly wants more? You get seductive, ruthless, and attractive, Ruby Maxwell Chen. Ruby...

The Pen Review: The Duchess

Welcome to the next edition of The Pen Review! First, I want to send a thank you to Kim Richards from Eternal Press for allowing...

The Pen Review: The King’s Daughter

Welcome to the next edition of The Pen Review! Our next book on the list to read would be that of Miriam Newman's The King's...

The Pen Review: Confessions of the Cleaning Lady

Confessions of the Cleaning Lady is one of my favorite e-books by our very own Miriam Newman. I really enjoyed reading the tale of...

Nora Roberts: An Inspiration for all Writers

Good morning!This is my first post on The Pen and Muse!Toady I thought I'd discuss a goddess in romance and suspense writing, Nora Roberts...

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