Business iPhone & iPad Apps

Readdle Docs. Works with iPhone, iPod Touch,  iPad. Price: $4.99 Revolutionary PDF reader, file manager and attachment saver for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Company provides other...

We are Catching Up.. More Reviews coming soon!

We are trying to catch up with the reviews, so we thank you for your continued patience. Unfortantley a blog cannot run without it's readers...

Join Darker Ink Gamers in the Extra Life 2011 event

Join This Team! Gamers,I'm trying to give a bit back to the world and do something meaningful. I've decided to be a team captain for...

Grammar Guru

OK, nobody asked for this one. It's all my own idea, inspired by seeing the misuse of lose/loose just one too many times...

Places of the Heart

Some have asked how important setting is to my books. Well, only as important as the characters, the dialogue or maybe the HEA. It’s...

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