The Pen Review: Confessions of the Cleaning Lady

Confessions of the Cleaning Lady is one of my favorite e-books by our very own Miriam Newman. I really enjoyed reading the tale of...

Website Review:

If you love audiobooks and romance then this is the site for you. is an alternative to those of us who like reading...

Review: Chosen by Nina Croft

Nina Croft offers us a world where characters on opposite ends come together for survival and love. Enter, Chosen, a futuristic, sci-fi, erotic romance...

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DUSK TAKES DAWN: Nancy’s Review

Title:  DUSK TAKES DAWN Authors: Celia Sweet & Sherin Dubbin Author Website: Genre: paranormal erotic romance Publisher: Breathless Press Publisher Buy Link: ISBN:  978-1-926771-89-2 Price: $1.99      Available as...

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