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    Top 5 Adventure Books

    Knowledge is the power and key to life. The best source for knowledge is nothing but books. If you love reading, you will never want anything else. You are often seen enveloped inside your blanket during winters, sitting near fire place and simply enjoy reading some good book. With books you get cultured and even broaden your horizons. Books help you taste the adventures without moving out from your home comfort. With some great adventure books, you can certainly get inspiration and a wish to make your own adventures. Reading such books can really keep your heart pounding. Let’s take a look on some of the top five best selling adventure books found in the reader’s world.

    The worst Journey in the world: This book deals with some of the worst journey in the world carried out by the author Apsley Cherry-Garrard itself along with the few other men like Robert Falcon Scott who led this British Antarctic expedition in the year 1910 to 1913. It was written in 1922 and published in the same year. The book gained a wide praise for incredible description about their difficult times during this expedition. The author beautifully explained the true meaning of human pain under worst kind of conditions. This piece is certainly a heartbreaker with three men carrying 318 kgs of gear through chronic darkness in the worst weather conditions where the temperatures fall down to 70 degrees below zero. This book was adopted in couple of documentaries and was listed in the 100 best adventure books of all time by National Geographic in 2001 appearing right on the top.

    Into thin air: This is a great non-fiction written by Jon Krakauer in the year 1997 and is among the best selling books. The book details the writer’s presence at Mount Everest at some of the worst disasters seen in the history climbers in 1996. During this eight climbers were killed while others were stranded by a robust storm. Kraukuer is a seasoned climber who was on an expedition led by Rob Hall along with couple of groups during this fatal time. The book was written within several months of this worst kind incident hit the clamberers. This book is certainly not for people with soft hearts.

    Wind, sand and stars: This book is a memoir by a French aristocrat pilot and writer Antoine De Saint-Exupery which has earned huge accolades and several literary awards. This book was first published in France in 1939 and was later translated in English by Reynal and Hitchcock in US the very same year. This book is an autobiographical work, where he describes a number of events in his life especially the period when he was working with an airmail carrier- Aeropostale. The theme of the book deals with friendship, heroism, death, camaraderie and solidarity among his co-workers, humanity and searching the life’s meaning. The book tells the author’s opinion about the world and for a worthy life. The best part is the description of his survival during a plane crash in 1935 in the Sahara Desert between Benghazi and Cairo.

    Touching the void: This is among the bestselling books found in the domain of adventure world. A book written by Joe Simpson describes his and Simon Yates’ survival story while climbing Siula Grande in 1985. The book gives the reader some of the best heart breaking survival stories, wherein the duo survived despite the worst weather conditions in Siula Grande during their expedition. The book also won several awards including the Boardman Tasker Prize along with the NCR Book Award in the year 1988. In 2003 a documentary film with the same name was produced giving the director Alexander Korda an award of best British film at BAFTA in the year 2003 Later in 2004 the documentary was featured at Sundance Film Festival.

    Arabian Sands: The book Arabian Sands is written by Wilfred Thesiger which is considered as the best travel book. The author recounts his travel stories in the Empty Quarter between the 1945 and 1950. Empty Quarter is the same place which is now considered to a hub of oil wells however was the area only entered by camel and only as an Arab. Thesiger describes in Arabian sands the mysterious and tough way of life of the Bedouins. His book is a classic piece for desert exploration and certainly exposed a vanished feudal world. It is well written book considering the dignity and respect of the Bedouins.

    Reading such books right from climbing mountains to survival adventures or any great expeditions will certainly move your heart. You can take lots of lessons and inspiration from these great books. And you never know when you plan for any adventure and trips after reading such books.

    About the author: Margaret is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on environment and parenting. Beside this she is fond of books. She recently bought a Bath Toys for Toddlers. These days she is busy in writing an article on Black Pearl Earrings.




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