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Interview with author of Dr. Pookie and the Case of His Missing Thought, Izzy Church!


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Blurb: In this mystery adventure, Dr. Pookie the bear shares the exciting and curious tale of the time he lost his thought. What is a bear to do when his friends and neighbors dare to attack his reputation? When Dr. Pookie begins to receive unwanted attention in the local newspapers, he does what any intelligent, sophisticated, well-to-do bear would do; he invites all of his friends and neighbors up to the tippy top of Bear Mountain for a lovely dinner party. After all, there is nothing more delightful than to be entertained by the most famous bear in the Little Royal Forest. Dr. Pookie then proceeds to tell his story and the hilarious adventure that follows as he frantically searches for his missing thought. Kids will join all the furry creatures in the Little Royal Forest as they search high and low for Dr. Pookie’s missing thought.


Where are you from? Tell us a little about yourself!

I’ve lived in New York City for most of my life, but I spent my early childhood in California and Arizona. Besides writing and illustrating, I love to act. I often turn my written word into short films, web-content, music and stage performances. You can visit my site: www.izzychurch.com to watch or www.3rdculturecreative.com

Tell us about your book?

Dr. Pookie and The Case of his Missing Thought is a children’s chapter book about a wise old bear that is missing the good times he once had with his forest friends. Therefore, Dr. Pookie decides to throw a party and invite all his friends in the forest up to his new man-bear cave. Once there, he shares with his friends a story about the time he lost his thought and the hysterical journey that follows as he frantically searches for it.


How did it get started? The book began as a simple nursery rhyme I wrote about losing a thought and a year later it developed into a hundred-page, early readers chapter’s book, with twenty-three interior images that I illustrated.

How do you create your characters? I’m a huge animal lover, so it was fun bringing these characters to life. When you have pets you realize they really do have their own personality and I wanted to capture that with my characters.

Dr. Pookie was probably the most challenging of all the characters because I had to imagine him both as a wise old bear and a young and free-spirited bear.

What inspires and what got you started in writing?  I’ve been drawing and writing since I was kid. I think there is something mystical and magical about writing and art. When you sit down to write you are tapping into something unseen yet, very real and that in and of itself is inspiring to me.

Where do you write? Is there something you need in order to write (music, drinks?) I write from home mostly. I used to go to café’s to write because I enjoy being around people, but that got very expensive. And, as I’m sure you can imagine when you are busy writing your book you are probably not making money therefore, you have to be conscious of your expenses. I don’t have any specific rituals when I sit down to write, but before I write and after I write I usually have to hustle. I hustle to get all my errands done as an actor, artists and entrepreneur, so that when I’m writing I don’t have some nagging feeling in the back of my mind as I’m trying to navigate through the vast world of make believe.

How do you get your ideas for writing?

When you live in New York Great you don’t really have to go looking for great material… it’s all around you. You just have to stay thirsty to create.

What do you like to read? I love all sorts of books… fiction and non-fiction. Lately, I find myself gravitating towards genres that I’ve ignored in search of what inspired the author to write a particular story.  I’m finding that this particular approach has opened me to all sorts of new opportunities as both a writer and a person.

What would your advice to be for authors or aspiring in regards to writing?  Don’t give up. Someone once told me you have to give a hundred and twenty percent to get ahead in your career. The reason why is simple… the road is long, winding, and bumpy. You can’t give up when you hit a tiny bump in the road. Find a group of friends who will cheer you on and remember you can do it!

Anything else you’d like to share?

Dr. Pookie and The Case of his Missing Thought will come out on February 20th, but you can pre-order it now on Amazon. You can also visit my site: www.Drpookie.com for constant updates and an opportunity to receive a free copy. Lastly, I would ask that if you enjoy the book please go on amazon and goodreads and give it a good review. I’m busy writing the second book in the series titled: Dr. Pookie and the Incredible Miss Honeybees.  To follow along on updates check out my social feeds and DrPookie.com

Instagram: Listentoizzychurch

Twitter: @izzychurch222


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