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    Roland Gugganig – Interview

    Title of e-book: SECRET MIND TOOLS – The Quick Trance Seminar

    ISBN: ePub 978-3-9503222-0-0 / PDF 978-3-9503222-1-7 / mobi 978-3-9503222-2-4

    Genre: Non fiction, self improvement

    Roland Gugganig, born in 1965 in the Austrian town of Salzburg, literally made a career out of having fun

    as the morning show presenter on Austria’s major radio network, then spent many years developing

    infotainment for German-language prime time television. He masterminded numerous TV specials and

    has co-written several European feature films. His media work has been honored with Austria’s major TV

    Award Romy and New York Festivals’ World Medal. Roland Gugganig lives and writes in Vienna, Austria.

    When somebody asks this question, I hit them with a pitch like: What if a sure-fire method existed, a

    way to command personal vitality, joy, even ecstasy? What if you could firmly stay on this level, also

    known as the sunny side of the street? The unique method revealed in SECRET MIND TOOLS helps you

    trick your brain, but in a good and healthy way – you might call it advanced daydreaming. The e-book

    provides step-by-step instructions on how to trance-form your emotional archives into sources of joy. It

    feels like pumping the brain’s reward centers for natural, mood-lifting Happy Hormones. Imagine how

    valuable this could be for you.

    What inspired you to write about what you discovered?

    I had this time in my life when I found myself irresistibly drawn to “eastern” meditation and philosophy.

    After thoroughly looking into the matter I decided to strip away all garnish – like myths, legends, false

    supernatural explanations and unfounded dogmas, which are, mildly put, not too helpful – while holding

    on to the practical stuff that obviously worked. Traveling other parts of the world, I came across

    generous people, who thought along similar lines and let me in on a few secrets about happiness: Some

    useful, some fun, some incredibly precious. The mind tools I am sharing in this e-book definitely belong

    How long did it take to write the book?

    6 years for researching, testing and tweaking the method; about 4 months to complete the final draft.

    I am basically a German-speaking guy with limited experience expressing my thoughts in English, so to

    get it right I had to check back with friends from the UK and US all the time. Luckily, this process turned

    out to be extremely helpful, as my pro bono editors did not only review my – rather foreign – style and

    choice of words, but went about adjusting the Quick Trance method to their personal lifestyles, providing

    me with valuable feedback.

    I like non-fiction, history, science, modern drama and satire. My heroes, in no particular order: Stefan

    Zweig, David Mamet, Tony Kushner, Bill Bryson, Ben Elton – and, if it keeps raining, Cornelia Funke’s Ink-
    Trilogy and all things Potter.

    What do you hope your readers come away with after reading your book?

    Readers who actively apply the method to their daily routine will command powerful mind tools to spice

    up their mood, in private life as well as in business.

    Where can we go to buy your book?

    Buy The E-Book

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