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    The perfect app for remembering all those gift giving ideas!

    Where are you from? Tell us a little about yourself!

    We (because there are 2 founders) are from Spain. Specifically, one from Barcelona and one from Galicia, but IDibbIt was founded (and it’s still based) in Madrid.


    Tell us about iDibbit? How did it get started?

    The first idea came up in… 2006!!! My nephew’s birthday was coming and I just didn’t know what to give him as a gift. Not that he was the only one I was having troubles with when thinking about a gift: friends, work colleagues, my girlfriend (of course!!)… and then there are parties, Father’s days, Mother’s days, more birthdays, graduation parties, anniversaries, Saint Valentine’s, newborn parties, Christmas… getting a gift for someone was becoming way far from being fun.


    And, to be honest, getting gifts from other people was becoming also more and more awkward. Yes, intentions are very good (or so we like to think…) but let’s face it: most of the times we end up with something… well, just acceptable, in the best case.


    So, I was talking to a good friend about my nephew’s birthday, and I said something like: “wouldn’t it be great if I could just go to a place where he had just pulled together all his wishes, his dreams, the stuff he wants?” Yeah, eureka moment 🙂 That good friend I was talking to is the other founder of IDibbIt (he really liked the idea!)


    The problem, back then, was that IDibbIt had to be web-only. Mobile phones were not very “Internet-friendly” in 2006. And we thought this was a huge drawback. At the end of the day, we (still) spend most of our time “in the real world”. We see things we want everywhere. We think of dreams we’d like to come true at any time. Not only when we are sitting down with our laptops! We definitely wanted people to share ALL their wishes.


    So we put the idea on hold… until last year. The boom in smartphones was the moment we were waiting for. Because your mobile is really ALWAYS with you. So we started IDibbIt up in February 2011.

    What was the process in creating iDibbit?

    Quite simple: we “polished” the idea, basically by thinking not only about “material” gifts but also about any wish you can have. Gifts don’t have to be just things money can buy (although these are important, of course!). But we are talking about wishes. Not just gifts. We all have tons of wishes. A pair of shoes? Great! An iphone? Fantastic! But… why not also a kiss from that someone special, or a photo with your favorite football player, or just spending a Saturday afternoon watching the rain?


    So we all have lots of wishes. But most of the times we need help to make them come true. And that’s the other “extra” that we added to the original idea: we thought that the first step to make a wish come true is sharing it. Let others know.


    So, the more we are in IDibbIt, not only the merrier, but also the more likely it is that someone can make your wishes come true for you. By giving you a gift. Or by introducing you to the boy/girl you like. Or even ourselves! It there are many dibbers who want the same thing, maybe we can try and get it for them. Maybe we can get them that iphone with special conditions. Or maybe we can get their favorite singer to visit their town.


    So, after refining the idea, we just set up the development and design team, and started to build the whole thing. That’s not very glamorous… it’s just hours and hours and hours. And coffee. Tests, improvements, new features, new tests, alpha version, beta version, feedback… and almost 1 year after, here we are!


    Where do you see your company in the next ten years?

    We see IDibbIt… everywhere! Because, again, we all see things we want everywhere. We think “How I wish…” all the time. We want IDibbIt to be with you in all those moments, in all those places. When you go shopping, when you are walking by the park, when you are browsing the Internet, when you are getting inspiration in the beach…


    We see IDibbIt in the stores (shop it or dibb it!), we see IDibbIt when you are partying (dibb that hot boy/girl!), we see IDibbIt when you want to help someone (dibb something for her), we see IDibbIt when you are a child (my dibb is to become an astronaut!), we see IDibbIt when you are a parent (dibb what your baby needs as a gift in her newborn party), we see IDibbIt when you are at work (dibb a new boss), we see IDibbIt when you are on holiday (dibb a weekend in Paris)… Everytime, everywhere.


    In 10 years we would like to have turned your mobile into kind of a “magic wand”. If you have your mobile on, you can “catch” any wish you have. And you can share it. And we (IDibbIt and all the dibbers) will help you make it come true.


    What do you like to read?

    Sooo many things…

    Fiction: Dostoievski, Tolstoi, Cormac McCarthy, J.M. Coetzee, Kjell Askildsen, Yasunari Kawabata, Roberto Bolaño, Sandor Marai, Eduardo Mendoza, Leonidas Andreiev, Fernando Pessoa, Orhan Pamuk… the classics … the list is endless 🙂

    Non-fiction: mostly quantum physics, theory of relativity, theory of information, and philosophy (mostly ancient greeks


    Anything else you’d like to share?

    All my wishes!!!! But wait… that’s why we created IDibbIt 🙂


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