Lip Balm Benefits

    Lip Balm Benefits
    Dry cracked lips are uncomfortable and a sign your lips need hydration. The skin on your lips is fragile and thin making them more vulnerable during the cold winter months. Lip balm will help to combat these issues and holds several other benefits. Here are some of the benefits listed below.
    Supple lips
    Keeping your lips moisturized by incorporating lip balm into your beauty routine will make them supple and plump. Licking your lips when they are dry will only cause further irritation and no moisture. To avoid discomfort and embarrassment make sure to apply lip balm every day as needed.
    SPF Protection
    Most lip balms are made with SPF in them automatically protecting your lips from the strong and damaging rays from the sun. SPF also protects your lips from aging, skin cancer, and loss of elasticity. Because of the fragility of the skin on your lips, sun damaged lips will appear to be thinner.
    Improved appearance of your lipstick
    If your lips aren’t moisturized your lipstick is not going to look good. Bright colored lipsticks will settle into the lines of your lips showing that they are chapped. Make sure to apply lip balm before applying your lipstick for a smoother appearance.
    Skin heals quicker
    Leaving chapped lips untreated will cause them to become severely irritated and lead to infection. Lip balm will fill in the cracks and provide comfort to dry burning lips. The moisture causes the skin to heal quicker and offers relief.
    With the many benefits that using lip balm offers you have nothing to lose. The health of your lips is very important and neglecting them by ditching the lip balm can be very damaging. Everyone wants soft and moisturized lips, so don’t be shy and remember to keep your lip balm handy and use it frequently — if you’re looking for a good one, try EOS lip balm.


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