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    Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

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    (Spoilers below)

    J.K. Rowling is back again with a fantastic movie and follow up to the Harry Potter series by going back to the beginning. We meet Newt Scamander, wizard who studies magical beasts and takes care of them. He finds himself in New York as a promise to one of the very animals he protects. We also see the wizard world of New York in the early twenties. It’s interesting to see the differences between England and New York. New York is (MACUSA) afraid of blending with muggles where we see this happening in England already (albeit in the future). You also that there are humans who do not like magical beings just like we see the pure blood agenda in the Harry Potter series.

    Newt becomes the target of the auror named Tina (Porpetina) for Newt’s little beasts, the nifler that gets out to take money from a bank. All the while, baker extraordinaire Jacob Kowalski sees the nifler and sees magics for the first time ever. Jacob, Tina and Newt begin this journey together as the magic enfolds and a new threats arise to harm people. We learn that Newt loves the animals he looks after and that love soon extends to his new friend, Jacob. We also meet the beautiful and charming, Queenie, sister to Tina who also shares a love for baking. Together they will encounter Percival Graves who is seeking out a beast of immense power to use it for his own gain. He will stop at nothing to get it including manipulation.

    As friends Tina, Newt, Jacob, and Queenie will band together to find out the cause of what is plaguing New York. They will find those they once trusted are not who they say they are. Rowling adds a plethora of background to an already amazing franchise and series. I hope to see more of magical New York and it’s characters I’ve grown to love.

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    Watch the Fantastic Beasts Trailer.


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