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Writing Tips: Spot Cleaning Doesn’t Work by Em Petrova

Spot Cleaning Doesn’t Work By Em Petrova When it comes to writing, plot, prose and characterization are only part of the battle. Before you send it...

Wednesday Morning – The Life of a Writer

Coffee, coffee, coffee. Up till 3 a.m. with a painful manuscript. I need coffee. I used to think having someone else around to make...

Fang-tastic Books: Helpful Hints for Becoming a Vampire from Susan Blexrud

While we're all gearing up for our weekend hauntings, I posted some helpful hints for how you, dear reader, can join forces with an...

Classic Romance Revival

Hey everyone - thanks to those who have already listed their short story free reads in the database... If you haven't yet there is...

Being Undead–A Period of Adjustment

Can life become more complicated? As if being a newlywed weren't enough of an adjustment, try doing it UNDEAD. Yep, as a new...

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