Why I Write Erotic Fantasy Fiction by Guinevere A. Hart

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With Good Intent - FinalWhy I Write Erotic Fantasy Fiction by Guinevere A. Hart

It’s liberating to write characters that are as naughty or nice as they want to be in worlds unfettered by the conventions of reality. The characters still carry the thread of human emotion and ground the story, allowing us to share their experiences, but the freedom of the erotic fantasy genre brings out joys and passions that might otherwise be squashed under the pressures of real life. On a simpler note, there are those of us that think fantasy characters are hot, and these stories are just plain fun to read and write!


Books, art, TV, movies, roleplaying games, and video games; my passion has always been fantasy. It started early, watching my dad play Dungeons and Dragons with his friends, creating and sharing an epic story together. I grew up reading his gaming books along with any other fantasy material I could get my hands on. I got older and started making my own monsters and worlds, writing my own games.


When I was in college, I took a creative writing course, but when I got there, I realized I had signed up for a realism fiction writing class. Realism was definitely not my thing, but I had enrolled in the class so I was determined to see it through to the end. On the first day, the professor presented us with his rules. It was a laundry list of things we couldn’t do as writers. I proceeded to spend a semester breaking every single one of those rules, while still keeping my creativity contained within the requirements of realistic fiction. I didn’t appreciate his ridiculous rules, and he didn’t appreciate my hard-headed attitude. In spite of that, I received perfect marks in the class. I never did find out why!


I learned a lot from that class, but I think that one of the most important things I took away from it was the certain knowledge of exactly what I wanted to write. The creative part of me was sorely challenged within the stifling confinements of reality. For me, realism was a gun-metal grey, leaden ball chained to my ankles. In my own stubborn pride, I dragged that thing around for three months until the semester was over. But any experience that helps us learn something about ourselves is worth it, and I knew then that if I was going to be a writer, fantasy fiction was definitely my genre. In the fantasy genre, absolutely anything is possible. Writers share their new worlds, creatures, people, and ideas, limited only by the breadth of their imagination. I’ve wanted to do that since I first learnt to read: to share my own imagination so that others can experience my creations inside their own heads.


True imagination means thinking about aspects of a character’s life and I think sexuality is a hugely important element in what makes people who they are. So it can be disappointing in some books when the characters close the door on that part of themselves, particularly when everything else about them is revealed. At the same time, in my opinion, a story that is all sex with no real epic adventure is equally disappointing. The best erotic fantasy stories are those that give us a balance of good story and good sex. Fantasy is an excellent place for erotica that is not restrained by reality. When magic, fairies, and monsters get involved, anything goes. Erotic fantasy is an exotic vacation for the mind, where all of the intricacies and intimacies of “what if” can be explored.



Guinevere A. Hart is a wife, mom, writer, and artist. She lives in the south central US with her awesome husband, great kids, a Yorkie with ADHD, and a neurotic Chihuahua. With a love for words, and for all things fantasy and science fiction, she has been creating stories since childhood. She is the author of the Lady Of Dawn’s Light series and, most recently, With Good Intent, the start of a new erotic fantasy trilogy.


As an exiled elven princess raised in a human town, Mercédeon Aarondale just wants to be normal young woman. But when strange new powers emerge, marking her as a sorcerer, “normal” is forever beyond her reach. She seeks comfort in a blossoming relationship with the local half-orc blacksmith, Jorak, but soon tragedy comes to Silver Crossing and Céde’s destiny becomes clear. Accompanied by Jorak and her scarred guardian Varrin, she must journey across forbidden lands to the magical academy known as the Spire. There Céde will learn to use her goddess-given power and prepare for war against an ancient and terrible enemy.


All the while, the demon god known as the Lord of Hordes bides his time. As celestial bodies align, a gate between worlds will open to allow his armies through. Will Céde and her friends be strong enough to face the hordes or will the world of Velith be plunged into chaos? With Good Intent is the first book in the Hells Unleashed trilogy.



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