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Interview with author of Hell to Pay Paranormal Romance Series, Jillian David

Interview with author of Hell to Pay Paranormal Romance Series, Jillian David

Jillian David

Paranormal, adventure and suspense – just what the doctor ordered


Bio: Jillian David lives near the end of the Earth with her nut of a husband and two bossy cats. To escape the sometimes-stressful world of the rural physician, she writes while on call and in her free time. She enjoys taking realistic settings and adding a twist of “what if.” Running or hiking on local trails often promotes plot development.

She would love for readers to connect on Twitter @jilliandavid13 or on her blog at http://jilliandavid.net . Readers are always welcome to email her at jilliandavid13@yahoo.com .

Hell to Pay Paranormal Romance Series
Immortal Flame release date 2/2/15
Relentless Flame release date 5/4/15
Flame Unleashed release date 9/15
Crimson Romance www.crimsonromance.com

51meBywZS5L._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_Book #1 Immortal Flame

Blurb: What if you made a deal with the Devil – and he called you on it? World War II veteran Peter Blackstone traded his soul so that his wife could live. That was 1945. Since then, Peter has lived an unnaturally long and miserable life forced to provide the life forces upon which Satan feeds to survive.

Allison La Croix, a beautiful, gentle doctor, has a big problem. She randomly sees people’s death and desperately longs to be free of her twisted “gift” to live a normal life without fear of predicting yet another loved one’s death.

After a horrific accident, a severely injured Peter arrives in Allison’s ER. The death vision Allison experiences when she touches him nearly kills her. He teaches her to block these devastating visions as she unlocks his forgotten, passionate soul. For the first time in her tormented life, Allison opens her heart. For the first time in Peter’s meaningless existence, he has a reason to escape his hellish pact. But Satan’s minion has orders to destroy Peter and anyone he cares about to prevent Peter from completing his vile contract. Will Peter and Allison’s shattered souls survive the twisted minion’s devious plans? Can their love save them both?

Someone will have hell to pay.

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Excerpt from Immortal Flame

Allison placed the bell of her stethoscope over the man’s broad chest. Normal heart rate. Lungs clear. Pressing on his ribcage dusted with dark hair and his flat abdomen, she found no crepitus or rigidity. She inhaled deeply.

A nurse raised an eyebrow. “Anything?”

“No trace of alcohol or drugs.” All she smelled was the metallic scent of blood and a typical male essence like almonds and very faint cologne.

With the Velcro straps off, the staff carefully logrolled him to one side, a maneuver that kept his neck, spine, and hips in safe alignment so she could evaluate his back for injuries. Once the staff rolled him back onto the backboard and re-secured the wide straps, radiology personnel shot a quick neck x-ray.

A final assessment of his muscled extremities completed the exam. She felt oddly flushed, like his skin radiated too much heat. Strange.

When she touched him, a vibration flowed through her gloved hands. She had never gotten a vision through gloves. Then again, she’d never gotten a warning signal, either. What the hell was going on here? The vibration jolted up her arms.

Oh God, not now. Please wait until I finish treating this man. Please.

“Do we have a set of vitals?” she asked.

Her patient breathed on his own, unlabored. An old, scratched watch with a dried leather band was fastened around his thick, tanned wrist. Despite the horrific bruises over his body, only his head injury needed intervention. Damn it, she had to examine his wound. She shook her hand, hesitated, then took a deep breath and braced herself. When she lifted the palm-sized flap of scalp, it bled into his dark hair until she taped the gauze back down. She could repair the wound after the CT scan. Jerking her hand away from the buzzing sensation, she pulled off her gloves and replaced them with a clean pair.

She stepped away from her patient and relaxed. Maybe this man’s injuries weren’t as life threatening as she had initially thought.

The EMT frowned. “Blood pressure is one thirty over ninety, pulse eighty, respiration sixteen, temperature … 107?”

“Okay.” She stared at the EMT. “Wait. What? Could you retake that temperature, please? That can’t be right.”

“Ma’am, I already rechecked it with a different machine. It’s 107.3 to be exact.”
With her heart thudding, she searched the unconscious man for obvious signs of infection or malignant hyperthermia from drug use, anything to explain the temperature reading.

“Start him on IV fluids and get a cooling blanket hooked up.”

Screw those visions, she had to touch him again. She needed to figure out what was wrong with this patient before his brain fried.

She eased his eyes open and flashed her penlight. Normal pupillary responses. The deep brown, almost black color of his eyes surprised her with their darkness. His open eye locked onto hers and focused, at the same time a blast of vibration drilled from his face through her hand.

The depth of that gaze pulled her like a particle into a black hole. Her heart expanded then contracted, and her breath caught. Vertigo washed over her. She grabbed the IV pole for balance. The rush of vision took hold, blocking out all sound, like voices obscured by a stiff wind. Faces swam too quickly to make out details. Far in the distance of her mind’s eye, the focus sharpened onto a man. She could see–

A radiology tech tapped her on the arm. “Doc? Doc?”

Allison moved her hand away. The patient’s eye fell closed, and the vortex sensation ebbed.

5 STAR REVIEW of Immortal Flame from Eat Sleep Read Review
— “Jillian David hits the ground running with her debut novel, Immortal Flame.”
— “(T)here isn’t a woman alive (or dead) that wouldn’t fall in love with Peter. He’s sexy, protective and a little mysterious. The circumstances that brought him to be an immortal was both heart-wrenching and gallant.”
— “Packed with scorching love scenes, a bit of mystery and plenty of action, Jillian David keeps you wanting more from the very beginning.”

51HDKhEqm6L._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_Book #2 Relentless Flame

Blurb: Immortal. Colossal. Suave. Indebted killer Dante Blackstone has the world at his feet. Every vice, any desire, is his for the asking—until he finds the one person he cannot have: one sweet, diminutive woman who could bring about Dante’s destruction.

Despite her supernatural ability to heal others, a devastating act of evil has left Hannah Miller broken in body and spirit. As she rebuilds her life while on the lam, a not-so-chance meeting with Dante chips away at the walls surrounding her fragile heart. But before their fledgling love can take flight, Dante’s boss sends an evil minion with one mandate: Eliminate Dante’s new reason to break his eternal contract.

As they fight to survive, Hannah’s amazing gift gives Dante one chance to save them both from the vicious minion. How can any love survive eternal hell and annihilation?

The answer lies in Dante’s inferno.


Excerpt from Relentless Flame

Dante entered his seventh bookstore to case since he’d arrived in Portland, Oregon. Smoothing his Armani slacks, he folded himself into the worn reading chair at Cover to Cover Books and fingered the worn chintz fabric. He relaxed, taking in the clusters of scarred wooden chairs around oddly paired tables, several upright upholstered chairs like the one he occupied, and three threadbare loveseats. The smell of old books and wood polish lulled him into a state of nostalgia for quaint shops from his homeland, Sweden. The images almost distracted him from the mission. Almost.

Of course, he could have telephoned each store, but a strange man asking for Jessica Miller might have driven her to ground. That might not even be her name anymore. With what little he knew about her past, he wouldn’t blame her if she tried to disappear.

So he’d been patient and systematic as he performed this different kind of stalk, but a stalk well within his forte. He’d honed his tracking skills over centuries of hunting devious criminals; finding a woman trying to hide in plain sight would take only a fraction of his talent. And time? Who cared how long it took to find her? He had all the time in the world. He was an Indebted—cursed and long-lived. Weeks, months, or years meant nothing to him.

A few sideways looks from customers of the female persuasion reminded him that he was, as usual, looking spectacular today. He flexed his shoulders, pleased when several sets of eyelashes batted. Not that he doubted his charm. A particularly luscious blonde and long-legged flicka had casually dropped her card off at his table at a restaurant yesterday. He licked his lips, anticipating a rendezvous this evening. Par for the fantastic course of his unnaturally long life.

A diminutive woman appeared at the register and murmured in a low voice to a customer. How had he not seen this worker appear? It was as if she’d materialized out of the bookshelves, with a dull, gray sweater that hung off her frame and allowed her to blend into the walls. She kept her movements understated, wary, like a mouse trying to remain undetected. It was this deliberate effort to disappear that caught his attention.
Dante sat up straight when she spoke. Something about her rich intonation that flowed like silk across his face, the smooth sound at odds with her bland appearance, sent a frisson of excitement into his chest. He glanced at her over the top of his book.

Soulful chestnut eyes behind black frame glasses flitted toward the door. That warm gaze slid over him like she didn’t acknowledge his presence.

Vad i helvete? What the hell? Since when did a woman not stare at him or resist his beauty? It must be because her glasses weren’t calibrated properly. No other explanation made sense.

When the door opened, she startled like a frightened deer and pulled the gray cardigan around her. He tensed, ready to dart over to her. How odd. In his hundreds of years on this Earth, he’d never experienced that strong of an urge to safeguard someone, especially not a woman he hadn’t even properly met.

If this twenty-something woman was Jessica, she stood in stark contrast to her stepfather. Raymond Jackson had been large boned and full of burly cruelty. Sharp rage speared Dante. Ja, if this were Jessica, she wouldn’t have stood a chance against that monster.

When she slipped out from behind the counter, Dante nearly missed the movement. He couldn’t resist following her thin frame, clad in a flowing pale pink skirt, as she floated down the aisles.

She sidled around customers, adroitly melting into the bookshelves to avoid contact. When she took several swift steps, her hips swayed unevenly and one foot scuffed against the hardwood floor.

As she stopped and cocked her head to the side, he dove into the next aisle and grabbed a book at random. Opening it, he flipped through the pages, pretending to study the content.

As he heard her walk away, he inhaled the faint scent of coffee, flowers, and book pages.
When he stepped out of his aisle to follow her, she ran into his leg, squeaked, and stumbled. Dante wrapped his hand around her slim upper arm to keep her from falling. Her head didn’t even come to his shoulders, and he fought an overwhelming need to fold her into his arms.

When she tilted her head up, the color drained even more from her pale face, enhancing the delicate freckles over her nose. He devoured the view of her alabaster skin from her cheeks, over her jaw, and down her neck—until that damned sweater impeded his ability to explore further.

She tugged against him again, and when he let go, she darted away like a frightened rabbit, her hands fluttering as though she couldn’t decide where to place them.

“Can … can I help you?” Her soft voice, laced with a hint of a quaver, couldn’t have shocked him more if she had yelled.

As her warm espresso gaze darted to him and away, her cheeks reddened beneath the freckles. There, that response was more like it. Now that he stood close enough for her to see him properly, she was clearly overwhelmed by his handsomeness, like every other woman.

“Just browsing the stacks,” he said.

He gave his suave words just enough innuendo and mentally patted himself on the back when the red flush crept down her creamy neck. Fullstandig. Perfect.

For someone more than 300 years of age, he still had the goods to impress the ladies.

“Did you find something interesting?” Her voice cracked as she indicated the book he held. She must be overcome with nerves, so great was her attraction to him.

“Oh, yes, I did find something interesting. And some books, too.”

Most women batted eyelashes and swooned at this point. In control, in his element, he created a seduction—a work of art. Truly, he was a maestro. She only had to absorb his charm, and then the pump would be primed.

“Hmm, well. You’ve picked out an interesting topic.” The corner of her pink, moist mouth rose, and those impish brown eyes widened. Her tongue darted out to wet those soft lips.
She most likely imagined his masterful kisses and caresses. Her attraction to him was obvious. He had her. Dante straightened to full impressive stature and stood poised to reel her in.

Until he noticed the book in his hands: The Woman’s Guide to Successful Breastfeeding.

Air whooshed out of him like a rapidly deflating balloon.

5 Star Review from Tome Tender
–“Relentless Flame…is hotter than blazes, from start to finish as one over-inflated ego meets the one person who humbles his heart.”
–“Once again, Ms. David weaves a tale of evil vs good, freedom vs enslavement and the most powerful force of all, love. Get ready to settle in and watch her work her magic…”

51UOTb6b1mL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_Book #3 Flame Unleashed (will release 9/15)

Blurb: Contracted to kill on command for eternity, compassionate Civil War nurse Ruth Blackstone muddles through her cursed employment in the current day. The practical woman has never been one for hair-brained schemes. That is, until she meets Cajun rogue, Odie Pierre-Noir. Odie has a risky plan to overthrow his boss, Jerahmeel, who represents Satan in human form. But for Odie’s plan to work, he needs Ruth to act as bait.

Many years ago when she sacrificed her soul to save her husband’s life, she was utterly betrayed. So even though Odie is indisputably charming, Ruth’s battered heart refuses to make the same mistake twice and trust another man with her life. Centuries ago, Jerahmeel forced Odie to make a terrible choice and decide which of his daughters would live. If there is a chance to destroy his boss, Odie will take the risk.

A senseless tragedy mobilizes them into action, and Ruth and Odie launch the most ambitious offensive the world has ever known. While hatching their plans, unexpected love blooms as Odie tears down the walls around Ruth’s heart to find a woman worth the three hundred year wait. In Odie’s strong arms, Ruth finds intense passion she had never experienced before.

Ruth and Odie make the hardest decision of their long, damned lives. The choice: continue in relative safety as Indebted killers, or risk their eternal souls for one chance to break the curse of the Indebted? Will they choose…the lesser evil?


Red rock walkingWhere are you from? Tell us a little about yourself!

Born and raised in the Smoky Mountains, and I’ve enjoyed hiking and the outdoors ever since.

My day job is as an FP/Ob (family doctor who does obstetrics) in a rural area. No two days are the same. Phew, some days are super crazy. But it’s rewarding work. Ok, maybe not when toddlers sneeze on me…

Tell us about your book? How did it get started?

Immortal Flame is the first book I’ve had published. (Notice, I did NOT say the first book I wrote….) This book started with me wondering, “What if I could predict when patients would get sick?” Then I thought, “What if the phrase ‘a deal with the Devil’ could literally happen?”

Those two questions got put together, and voila – the basis for my heroine and hero in the novel!


How do you create your characters?

For this debut novel, I used what I knew best: medicine. Allie is an ER doctor (I worked shifts as an ER doc for 7 years), so I picked a scenario similar to one I’ve experienced in the past. Beyond that? Fiction. She’s not me. I’m not as cool, thin, or pretty as Dr. Allie.

Peter is not based on anyone I know. It’s the guy I might have gone for if I hadn’t been blindsided by my bald, hilarious hubby.


What inspires and what got your started in writing?

My patients inspire the writing. They’ve shared so much with me. Wow, truth IS stranger than fiction! It’s the access to those experiences and feelings that make the writing rich.

Believe it or not, I was an English writing major. (Double majored in pre-med) But it wasn’t until about five years into practice that life calmed down enough for me to start really writing again.

Where do you write? Is there something you need in order to write (music, drinks?)

When I’m traveling, airports are remarkably excellent writing locations.

To write at home, I need: comfy clothes, diet Dr. Pepper, and earphones (only if hubby is home – good grief, that man can talk).


How do you get your ideas for writing?


An all-consuming need to come up with hypothetical questions and situations.

What do you like to read?

Science fiction/fantasy, paranormal romance, nonfiction biography. My favorite authors are Anne Bishop, Anne McCaffrey, J.R. Ward, and David McCullough.

What would your advice to be for authors or aspiring in regards to writing?

Don’t give up. Enter contests. While you’re querying or doing contests with one book…write another one. Keep going.

I queried at least 150 agents/publishers (pretty ridiculous, right?), and knew I was getting close when the full requests started popping up. Crimson Romance made an offer for the trilogy, and now they’re publishing the series prequel this February! What a year…


Anything else you’d like to share?

The thing that makes me happiest with the writing, is when someone reads one of my books, enjoys it, and tells someone else. Word-of-mouth is the best thing anyone can do for an author!

I’m working on three other series right now. The one closest to completion combines four things I really dig: hot Wyoming ranchers, paranormal powers, romance, and suspense. Yowza!

Last but not least, mark your calendars! The prequel for the Hell to Pay series, Flame’s Dawn, will be released on 2/28/16!


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