5 Casual Dance-Inspired Outfits for Your Everyday Look

5 Casual Dance-Inspired Outfits for Your Everyday Look


In the world of fashion, inspiration sometimes comes from unexpected places. More than once, the newest and hottest fashion is taken from the dance floor.


There are some items that have been time-tested and have become an essential part of a dancers wardrobe. Other items dancers use because they work. These items are also worn as casual wear.


They will wear items that do not restrict them, support their body, and allow them to stay comfortable. They are creative and they look great on the floor in their “practice clothes” or on the street.


Let us show you 5 casual outfits that are dance-floor inspired. You may be surprised to discover they were worn in the dance studio first.


Photo credit: Danielle Cerullo


  • Sports bra


The sports bra was made for athletes like dancers, runners, and skaters. They provide support and freedom. They encourage good posture. But, in recent years the sports bra has become a casual top perfect for warm days. Paired with leggings or shorts and a open shirt or jacket. This look is sexy and cute with a tank top, oversized or off the shoulder tee or under a jacket. It allows enough coverage to be worn outdoors.



  • Sweatpants


We all have them. Warm baggy and extremely comfortable sweatpants. Dancers understand that their muscles must be allowed to slowly cool down after a workout. They go through a series of exercises to relax the muscles, but keeping the muscles warm prevents them from cramping. Sweatpants are a perfect choice. They are inexpensive and can be worn outdoors or as pajamas. Sweats are essential for all athletes.



  • Great looking sneakers


Hip Hop is aIt is important to note that Hip Hop sneakers are designed for dance. They are not department store sneakers. If the shoes do not respond to the movements of the wearer, an injury will follow. If you’re not sure where to look for your shoes, Just For Kix has a variety of Hip  Hop shoes that will fit you perfectly. However, the general public wants the look and they pay a good price to buy a quality shoe. This is a hot trend that promises to be with us for a very long time.  



  • Leggings and tights


Leggings and tights are worn to support the movements of the dancer. This also allows the instructor to watch the exact motion the dancer is attempting. She can spot a mistake and prevent it from becoming a problem. This inspired the leotard. In warmer climates one may wear leggings with a long shirt or a short dress. They can be see-through so, a bit of covering for modesty is required. This gave birth to the trend of wearing tights and leggings. Leggings allow you to change shoes when exiting the dance floor. Oversized shirts hanging over skin-tight leggings became a look that got attention. Soon fashionistas began pairing leggings with dresses, shorts, and for many sports activities, like gymnastics, cheerleading, and skating. When the dancer is cooling down, you may see leg warmers placed over the leggings or tights for yet another comfortable and casual look.



  • The Leather Jacket


The leather jacket was first created for pilots in the first world war. In the early 1950’s, Hollywood began dressing male actors with bad-boy images in this rebel. Marlon Brando wore a leather jacket in Wild One in the 1953. The leather jacket worn by the late Patrick Swayze was auctioned off for $62,500. The leather jacket is an icon in the movie industry and its popularity has made it to the mainstream public. If you have an ounce of “coolness” in your body, you own at least one leather jacket.

Photo credit: Riccardo Vicidomini


You cannot separate the fashion industry from the entertainment industry. Dancers, movie stars, and athletes will always be trend setters. The general public will always follow and add to the looks that make our lives colorful, comfortable, and bright.


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