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5 Writing Tips You Can Learn From J K Rowling!

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Denise Alicea

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With the booming success of the Harry Potter series, J.K, Rowling has no doubt made her place in writing history. Like all other writers, she faced a lot of obstacles, both mental and physical. However, she remained steadfast against all the doubts and managed to draw inspiration out of depression.

Hence, aspiring writers today can learn a lot from this talented lady. Read on to learn just a few writing tips from our very own Jo!

  1. Protect Your Writing Time

Rowling tells her fans not to compromise their writing time for anything. There would be calls for meetings, get-togethers, and much more. However, once you have set out a time for your writing, it is sacred. If writers do not give their own job the respect it deserves, others would not do so either.

This rule is a must for Rowling. Writing is not just a job you can leave on the spur of the moment and take up when you get back. It requires time, effort, and peace of mind.  She has thus likened writers guarding writing time with dragons protecting their eggs. We love this connection, and should strive to live by it too!

  1. Writing is Work

If you want to write, it must have a structural element, according to Rowling.  Basically, we shouldn’t sell writing short. It requires a lot of self-discipline. Sickness, tiredness, and inconvenience would come and go, but writing has to go on. It’s like any other job. We can’t take off as many days as we like.

Even if we are on the go, Rowling advises snatching moments to write. Of course, we have it a lot easier now, with note-taking apps, smartphones, and the cloud to store everything in!

  1. Accepting Your Work

Rowling didn’t set out to be a fantasy writer. She mostly targeted her projects towards adults. However, once her Harry Potter series gained popularity, she accepted her fate.

The same is the case when we start any kind of writing. Be it a short story, series, or a standalone novel, we have to accept that characters and proteins develop on their own. A writer sometimes has to bow to eventualities and let the work pursue the best past against his own judgment.

As a result, the writer can then focus all his energy and concentration on finishing the work. He can stop trying to be a certain kind of writer, and only seek to produce a good work.

  1. Writing What You Know

This is a general rule of thumb when writing, but Rowling’s confirmation gives it even more weight. Of course, she didn’t live at Hogwarts, but she drew inspiration from her surroundings.  The characters, their names, and interests, and even their sentiments were drawn from real life.

Just one example is the name of Potter, which was drawn from Rowling’s own neighbors at the time. The creation of the Dementors, of course, stemmed from her own experience with depression.

  1. Love Solitude

Rowling cites writing as one of the loneliest professions. She is somewhat right because solitude is something that writers need to become what they are. In fact, it is loneliness that may prompt one to write in the first place.

Thus, a writer should not be afraid of being alone. They need silence, solitude, and a level of quietness to write. Before writing, they need a certain atmosphere to read as well. In order to be a good writer, reading is also essential.


The success of Harry Potter was not just that of an author, but a win for reading in general. Indeed, Rowling’s series has inspired several Young Adult works and also created the audience for them. We should, therefore, use her words of wisdom as guidelines for ourselves. Maybe we won’t receive the same success, but our writing would definitely improve and make a greater impact.

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