7 Amazing First Date Locations in Australia by Amelia Verona



7 Amazing First Date Locations in Australia

I can’t really imagine how most guys really try to think hard about taking their loved ones on a beautiful romantic date. Here, let me enlighten you on the best places to leave your loved one in great shock. Australia has the best locations for the perfect couple going on a romantic date. Let’s focus with several best hotels in Australia:

Crowne plaza coogee beach

If you are looking for the perfect place to enjoy with your date then this is the place for you. The hotel has the most amazing food and drinks. This place you will enjoy the cool breeze and taking walks along the shores of the beach. The hotel is filled with air conditioning therefore, ensuring entirely fresh air.

The Sebel Manly Beach

This is a delightful hotel along the beach located in the suburbs and a good number of people prefer this hotel because of the warm reception at the entrance. It has a spa tub and just in case you pour wine on your dress, there is the laundry services offered.date1

Zagame Ballarat Hotel

Whether you are passer-by or a local, this is one magnificent place to definitely have your date. The ballarat hotel is located on the main road directly opposite the Sovereign Hill. This facility offers the finest food and the best service. This place is spectacular because of the traditional and cozy feeling that offers to the two of you


The cuisine on the menu is just perfect choice for a date at the Absynthe. The restaurant is located along the Hamilton avenue which has the most exquisite wine and offers the French-Australian cuisine This place will never fail you as you can book and request for a table set for you, to avoid any inconveniences. The restaurant offers a special menu occasionally.

Peter Gilmore’s Quay

This restaurant has the best views from the dishes to the wine. The facility offers the most rare and very unusual ingredients that are extremely delicious and contrast in colors and flavors. The restaurant doesn’t fail to reach up to standards with the best and comforting setting which is pleasing to the eye. The restaurant is one to behold which has that romantic feeling.


This restaurant is ranked among the best hotels worldwide, top 100 in the world and ranked the second best hotels in Australia it is located in the suburbs of the Melbourne. Dining in this hotel gives you pleasure because of the tantalizing meals. You will be shocked by the beautiful architecture of this particular restaurant and the amenities they offer is just spectacular. The wine and food offered in this restaurant elevates it to another different level from its current position.

Momofuku Seiobo

The Momofuku seiobo restaurants located in Sydney is ranked among the best offering a blend of Japanese with modern techniques. If you view their menu, it is just captivating and invigorating as their tradition continues to sustain both the local guests and new foreigners. If you have the Australian visas and require a perfect evening, you will definitely have a tricky choice to make, having all those restaurants which seemingly are all perfect for the perfect couple.

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