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Edifier Active Noise Canceling Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

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Denise Alicea

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Edifier Active Noise Canceling Bluetooth Stereo Headphones


I recently got to try some great headphones from a company called Edifier that I didn’t know about. When I was offered a chance to try them and keep them I had to jump at the chance. Here’s what I love about the headphones: their technology is Bluetooth 5 and easy to connect to various devices, it folds and charges easily. The headphones although big, do fit comfortably around my ear and I can enjoy my audiobooks and music. It also has a long-lasting battery so you can let the good times roll for hours with one single charge.

The headphones come in two colors: black and white. They also come with a travel case so when they’re not in use, the headphones fold over.  Don’t want to use Bluetooth on the headset? You have the option to use the Aux cord that comes with it! So you have even more hours of listening pleasure. Music and more sounds amazing on these headphones! They’re also affordably priced against competitors which makes them even better!

Tech Specs :

  • Active Noise Canceling (ANC) headphones for optimum performance
  • Qualcomm Bluetooth V5.0 ensures low power with high transfer and stable connection
  • 25 hours playback with Bluetooth and ANC functions switched on
  • Collapsible headphones comes with a secure travel pouch
  • Supports AUX wired input which maintains ANC functionality

Check out Edifier’s products here! 

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