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Freelance writing is an odd way to make a living. Note that we say it’s not inferior or superior to any other way, just different. You make your own hours, for one. Every word and sentence you write will be assessed based on your technical proficiency and creativity. It can also be that you have to dive into research topics you have no interest in, or those that you are completely technically out of your depth for. That being said, this is where the soul of freelance writing work comes into play – every day is different, and every project has its own requirements.


That’s a lot of brain activity and motivational force to apply to every tippy-tap given when your fingers meet the keyboard. In fact, without much restraint, you can end up writing sentences as overly verbose and silly as this previous one. It’s worth asking just what aids any modern freelance writer can use in order to assist with their work and professional standing – no matter if you’re writing a humble blog or taking on large and detailed technical briefs.

Writers, please consider:

Ergonomic Aids

It’s important to write with a comfortable and supported posture. If you fail to do this, you can encounter problems such as repetitive strain injuries when typing. You may also encounter issues such as slouching or forward-head syndrome, which can leave you feeling less comfortable at your desk – thereby affecting your work. We would recommend purchasing a worthwhile ergonomic chair, such as a Steelcase Leap or Herman Miller Aeron. 


These chairs can seem expensive (cheaper models can also be worthwhile), compared to standard office offerings, but remember that this is an investment in your health. Mechanical keyboards with blue or brown switches can also support your fingers during long typing periods. Practical adjustments, such as ensuring your monitor is a couple of feet from your face and that its top bezel aligns with your eyesight with neutral neck placement can be important. This way, you’ll find that you are focused and healthy when taking part in your daily work. 


A Reliable Professional Standing

A reliable means in which to market yourself can be important. Crafting a website with your portfolio and means of contact is the first step. Creating industry-specific profiles can also be important, such as by building your reputation on Upwork. Physical address services can also help you securely receive and digitize mail when hoping to keep your home address private – as this is where most freelance writers will be performing the bulk of their work. Asking for testimonials or reviews after intensive briefs are completed can also help you secure future work or become recommended for technical writing in a certain field. The more you can do to market and develop your professional standing, the more your work can speak for itself, and the higher your potential for long-term work.


Taking On The Jobs You Can Feasibly Perform

It’s very easy for beginner freelance writers, those who know their way around a sentence, to feel confident in taking on jobs. That kind of professional willingness will see you right through this most competitive of freelance paths. However, it’s also very easy to overstep yourself. Jumping into intensive technical writing without the full grounding of how to commit to research, how to ask for resources nor what technical jargon is most needed can be a problem. This can cause you trouble and may even result in unhappy clients. 


Don’t be afraid to only take on the jobs you can feasibly perform. Don’t be afraid to decline lucrative briefs from reliable clients if you find yourself not up to the task. The more you can dip your toes into a field and research it, the more you will gain in confidence and the more your professional standing will grow. Without that perspective, it can be very easy to overstep the mark, and that in itself may leave you feeling less motivated than you could have been.


Learning To Market Yourself


Learning to market yourself is important. How can you best present your portfolio to job listings? What examples of your writing are best to show? How might you get published online or in a magazine by learning the best practice when pitching articles? Just because you can turn a phrase eloquently doesn’t necessarily mean you are entitled work. Learning how to market, in this sense, could be the best aid you give yourself.


With this advice, we hope any freelance writer can further aid their professional development.

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