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An Ocean Apart by Vonn Lane


Lane’s An Ocean Apart has us journey back to 1840’s England. Lane presents to us a love story between two characters who have their love tested and a mad man on the loose who threatens their love. Lane provides us with a wonderful love story that will pull at your own heart strings as you fall in love with both main characters. Both in plot, dialogue, and characterization does Lane bring you back to that time. Lane also provides picturesque scenes that make you fall in love with the time period and not only just the characters. If you are looking for a wonderful, historical, love story that can take you back time then look no further that Vonn Lane’s An Ocean Apart.

An Ocean Apart by Vonn Lane
Genre: Historical Romance
Publisher: Eternal Press
Blurb: The clock is ticking in a terrifying game of cat and mouse; a game with no rules, a cat with no conscience, and mouse whose life is forfeit not in the clutches of his would-be assassin but in the arms of the greatest and only love he has ever known. One ferocious viscount and one gentle farm girl, both of whom push each other’s buttons and pull each other’s heartstrings, battle one unseen stalker who for reasons known only to his depraved and vindictive mind is bent on destroying their life and robbing them of their passionate hopes and soulful desires.

Will prey turn predator in time to end the game and begin the dream? The hunt is on.

Excerpt: The young lady, is she sick?” he asked. Milton expelled a gust of air. He was still distraught by the events of that day.

“The young lady was nearly mortally injured while an overnight guest at the viscount’s London home. She is, er, quite dear to Lord Hollingsworth, and he has assumed custody of her until she fully recovers,” he replied. He tapped his lips with his forefinger as he noticed a long crack in the wall plaster.

Malcolm’s heart plummeted at the same time his hatred spiked. The realization that he’d almost killed Kate didn’t trouble him, but the sudden understanding as to why she’d been an overnight guest was his undoing. He blocked out Milton’s voice while he envisioned the viscount’s body entwined with hers. He began to tremble.

My whole life you’ve robbed me of everything that should have been mine, and now you’ve stolen my one chance of having something pure and good. If there’s a way to kill you twice, my lord, I’ll find it.




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