Authors Services and Free to Bargain Books to Free Ebooks!

Authors Services and Free to Bargain Books to Free Ebooks!

There are a lot of websites and author services that have popped up in the last couple of years that offer authors some choices on promoting their works.

For_Authors_-_FreebooksyFree Booksy/Bargain Booksy

This service is a mailing list that goes out to several of their users. As an author you can pay anywhere from $25.00 or more depending on your genre. I’ve used the service and really like it because it’s easy and simple. It’s a great promotion tool.

For readers, it’s a great opportunity to see great books that are free and at a bargain price.


Sweet Free Books

This is another mailing list services that starts at $5 dollars. I think this is a nice way for authors to promote their books as well. They do have requirements like the others, so be sure to look on the website.

Books Butterfly

Books Butterfly is a paid service for books. They guarantee people seeing your book and buying your book. This service is both for authors and publishers alike.

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