Best Xbox Games For Beginners 

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Best Xbox Games For Beginners 


Xbox games are very fun to play, that is if you know how to handle the basic components that are required to play the games. It’s easy to take for guaranteed how hard it can be for a first-time gamer to get used to the joystick the whole Xbox experience. That is why below we have some simple games that you try out as a first time Xbox gamer on the Xbox One console.

Stardew Valley

Open of the simplest games for a new Xbox One online slots game console player is Stardew Valley. This game is very easy to play and we guarantee that it is simple to get and easy to get used to as well. In the game, you will are given an old farm and you are given the task to restore it to its former glory. The game is a great way to step into the world of Xbox gaming.


Another simple but great game for new Xbox one gamers is Minecraft. This game is very popular such that we are sure that even before you started Xbox gaming, you had already heard about the game. The game has different modes that give you the time to build up to the gameplay. You can play it in its simplest mode and move up as soon as you get used to the controls. 

Child Of Light

Child of Light is an RPG game that will allow you to join in as s seconds player and play a supportive role. Since you are new to Xbox gaming, the supportive role will give you time to get used to the controls and get used to the whole RPG gaming scene. Just as we have simple best casino site games, for beginners, these are simple Xbox games that beginners that they can enjoy without any hassles. 

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