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Blog Blasting : My Father’s Colors by Marian Thomas

Book Blurb:

Naya Monà finds herself once again on a journey fighting with her past. Struggling to make peace, find forgiveness and understand why her father shattered her childhood at the tender age of thirteen.

What turns a man into a beast?

Naya, however, is not the only one on a journey.

There’s Chris–her husband. How far will he go for love? That is the question Chris wastes no time answering. He will do whatever it takes to remove his wife’s pain, even if it means being the one to cause her the most.

When the secrets are revealed, will he still be the “life-time” husband she fell in love with?

Let’s not forget Misty. Fierce and fabulous but now with fame and fortune on her heels. Misty will be forced to take a hard look at the colors that have made her who she is today. Will fame and fortune take the place of a diamond ring?

Introducing, the young and talented Carl Thompson. Carl has found the love of his life, only she doesn’t know it. Green eyes and hazel brown hair fill his dreams for the future.

Does he have enough love for the both of them or will music be the only bond that joins them together forever?

Join Bestselling author Marian L. Thomas as she takes you through the captivating pages of My Father’s Colors. This book is guaranteed to make you laugh, cry and get caught in the drama-filled journey of four individuals and one incredible destination filled with betrayal, lies and shocking secrets!


My Father’s Colors

Marian Thomas


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