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Blog Tour: An Acre of Fools

Blog Tour: An Acre of Fools

AnAcreOfFools_FullCover_Final.inddAn Acre of Fools

Pub. date: May 10, 2016

Author bio: Aden James lives in the Low Country of South Carolina where he enjoys the outdoors with his wife, daughters and grandsons. He serves on the Board of three non-profit organizations and supports several charitable organizations dedicated to serving childhood illness, addiction and human trafficking.

Synopsis: An Acre of Fools is a fictional novel depicting a father’s struggle to maintain his faith and protect his family from the splintering effects of drug addiction. It is vividly honest to the living nightmare that addictive narcotics creates in the lives of thousands of American families.

The Stewart family finds its heart and soul in a broken-down waterfront home in the Southern lowlands. As they welcome their second daughter, Austin, into the world, they soon begin a battle against the cancer that riddles her little body for more than a decade. Peter’s overprotection initially creates some bitterness in the family, but when Austin turns to drug use, it becomes a blinding force that drives a wedge between him and his family. He wants to see her how God sees her, but she begins to see him as her malleable financier.

The story turns when Peter’s unbending faith and hope are infected by bitterness, and he is forced to choose between the daughter who wallows in a self-inflicted hell, and a family too broken to hope anymore.

Book Website: http://anacreoffools.com/

Elevate Fiction Bookstore: https://elevatepub.com/product/an-acre-of-fools/



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