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City of Lights 

(Book 1 in the Far from Home Series)

by Kelly Byrd




GENRE: Middle Grade Fantasy






What happens when oh so ordinary Mary Jingo, follows her instincts (and her nose) and ends up in a magical land Far From Home?


In City of Lights, author Kelly Byrd introduces readers to Mary, who is one week away from finishing fifth grade. Mary’s mind is on starting middle school in the fall and finally getting her own phone. But then this ordinary girl notices glimmers of light and meets a strange little man who conjures the best smell she has ever smelled. Before she even stops to consider what she’s doing, she agrees to accompany the man to the land of LeeChee, where our Mary Jingo from the Shadowlands in seen as warrior and a great hope.


Now this very ordinary girl must find a way to help save LeeChee from Thrall and restore the Everything—a magical life- and joy-giving force that somehow connects Mary’s world to LeeChee. How can she face the Void, the foul-smelling Shoeboxians, or the evil Mellie? And how can she do all of the Far From Home?




EXCERPTS (Exclusive Excerpt):


“I don’t understand the words that you are using, sir,” Harold had said then. His dark brown eyes narrowed with fear. “But what I do know is that you have kidnapped our daughter. I am going to call the police.” 


“I didn’t kidnap her,” Rickface replied. “She wanted to go. I gave her a choice and she decided on her own accord what she wanted to do.” 


“She is a CHILD.” 


“She is a child. A very important child. More important than either of you know or understand. We have sent beacons for weeks and months, looking for a person who understands the Everything. Your daughter was the first to even see them for what they are!” 


“You are not making any sense. Bring her back or I will have you arrested!” 


“You have no idea the things that are at stake here!” Rickface almost screeched. He pulled on his hair, his irregular features jumping and twitching on his strangely shaped face. “How long will I have to explain this to you? It’s not just my world, it’s your world too. If the Everything is destroyed, your world will suffer, just as ours has. Why can you not see it? I will make you an oath. I will swear to you on the Everything and it will be a binding contract. And if I fail your daughter, then I will pay the price with my own life. I will swear it to you.” 


“I don’t care about your world or your ‘magical’ oath! I care about my daughter and her safety! We don’t know you. You could be lying to us. You could be holding her for ransom somewhere. Do you have any idea what you are asking?” 


“Wait, Harold, no,” Hannie said quietly, looking down at the mirror in her hands. Tears had formed in the corners of her husband’s eyes as he looked at her with shock. “Strange things have happened…” 


The two men stared at her in silence. She felt a deep sense of calm, as if all of her best memories surrounded her and enfolded her in their arms. She felt a peace so deep that she had surprised herself with her next words. 


“I love Mary more than anything and want to protect her more than anything. In one sense, I ask myself what kind of mother am I if I let my daughter do this? But, on the other hand, what kind of mother am I if I don’t let her go? Let my strong, capable girl try?” 




AUTHOR Bio and Links:


Kelly Byrd is a middle-grade author by choice, a writer by discipline, home-grown chef, and amateur gardener. She lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband and two cute-as-buttons rescue pups. The Far From Home series is about growing up, finding your voice, and rescuing the Everything.



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