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by Award-Winning Author

Beth Cornelison


A beautiful stranger appears at the Colton ranch during a party, and Jack is none too pleased. With ties to his ex-wife, Tracy McCain claims to be on a mission to bond with his son. But this intriguing widow also has a target on her back. As the Colton family brings Tracy under its broad wing, a relentless assassin puts everyone in jeopardy. Jack’s protective instincts go into overdrive and only fuel his secret attraction to Tracy. Living closely together under Jack’s roof, the heat between them starts to sizzle. In fact, the only thing stronger than Jack’s heady desire for Tracy is his will to keep her safe so that one day they can become a family.


Award-winning author Beth Cornelison has been writing stories since she was a child. A University of Georgia graduate, Cornelison worked in Public Relations before becoming a full-time writer. She has won many honors for her writing, including the coveted Golden Heart, awarded by the Romance Writers of America. She lives in Louisiana with her husband and son.




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Love Lessons Learned with Beth Cornelison

 What are some of the real-life romance lessons we can take away from the book?

The love lesson to learn from Colton Cowboy Protector would be to judge people on their own merits and not allow old wounds to color your opinion of a new love interest. Jack Colton was badly hurt by the failure of his first marriage. He holds grudges against his first wife, and he lets those bad feelings stand in the way of seeing his ex-wife’s cousin without prejudice. Tracy McCain came out of a bad marriage and has to overcome the fears and hurts of her first marriage to fully trust Jack. Through the trials they encounter in the story, they learn to love each other for the unique individuals they both are without preconceived notions and clutter from the past distorting their perceptions and expectations.


Q&A with Beth Cornelison



  1. You have been writing stories since you were a child. Tell us about the moment you knew you wanted to become a writer by profession.


While I wrote simple stories from an early age, my first significant writing project that inspired me to look into the possibilities of publication was a teen romance I wrote in junior high. Written long-hand in spiral notebooks, my first book took months to finish, but I fell in love with the novel writing process and had my first nudge toward my current publishing career.


  1. What inspired you to make the move from the public relations industry to become a full-time writer?


The love of novel writing was never far from mind from the time I wrote my first novel during my teens. Though I got sidetracked from writing books while in college and early years in my marriage, a cross-country move for my husband’s job left me without a PR job in the early 90’s. While I was home alone in a new city, the stories in my head came roaring back to life. I returned to writing books to fill my time until our son was born,  and by the time my son was in preschool, I had focused on getting published and never looked back!



  1. Your novels tend to weave together romance and suspense. What draws you to this combination of genres?


I love the adventure and thrills of suspense books and the problem-solving behind mysteries. At the same time, I’m a romantic at heart and grew up with Disney movies and the all-important happily ever after. When I first read Karen Robards’, Sandra Brown’s and Jennifer Blake’s contemporary romantic suspense stories in the early 90’s, I discovered a blend of the two genres that fueled my imagination. I knew right away that romantic suspense was what I wanted to write.


  1.   If COLTON COWBOY PROTECTOR were to be turned into a movie, who would you cast in the starring roles?


Oh, wow! What a fun question! As a “visual writer,” I see my story playing out in my head like a movie as I write, so the idea of a real movie is exciting to contemplate. I think Amanda Seyfried has the look I was after for the heroine, Tracy McCain. Torrance Coombs, from the CW’s Reign, has the dark good looks with bright blue eyes that would fit the part nicely for my hero Jack Colton.


  1. What’s up next for you?


I have two novellas with Harlequin Romantic Suspense coming out next, one in November, paired with Colleen Thompson for a two-in-one about a Texas ranch wedding that goes tragically wrong. Then next spring I’ll share a two-in-one with Karen Whiddon about babies rescued from a dangerous cult and the foster mothers who protect the infants. Both are fun projects because I love collaborating with other talented authors!




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