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FR1               Freedom Road Soundtrack – Music and Books Readers, Press PLAY (YOU TUBE code to embed the playlist☺ Music in movies or your favorite TV shows have always been essential in adding that extra bit of emotional impact to a scene. The right song can make a person cry at the drop of a hat, playing on their emotions and the storyline of the movie. Without music in television, the shows/movies just wouldn’t be the same. Unfortunately, in books, we don’t have the privilege of a soundtrack to play in the background at the perfect moment. For the first time, I have created a playlist (a soundtrack) for my novel, FREEDOM ROAD. So, if you haven’t yet, what are you waiting for? Sit back, relax, hit PLAY, and listen while you read a bit about this book! Samantha Becker, the main character in Freedom Road goes through a rollercoaster journey throughout the book. She has an alcoholic mother and an uncaring father who already have her life planned out for her. But Sam’s only solace through the years has been her guitar. In the beginning of the book, when she loses a finger in an “accident,” she’s devastated. She sees all of her dreams slipping away. Through her despair, however, she finds hope. Two figures enter her life and see through the façade of a rebellious girl to the wounded, talented one beneath. When an unlikely friendship and romance form, it gives her the strength she needs to examine the relationships in her life and pursue her dreams… FREEDOM ROAD Blurb **FINALIST, USA Book Awards, Young Adult Fiction, 2012** **FINALIST, Next Generation Indie Awards, Young Adult Fiction, 2013** **Second Place/Quarter-Finalist in the YA category of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards** A father’s selfish demands, broken booze bottles, and unconscious mothers are everyday fixtures in eighteen-year-old Samantha Becker’s life. Armed with her guitar and music to keep her comfort in a volatile world, Sam’s one dream to study classical guitar at Juilliard may very well be her salvation. But when her father’s careless actions lead to an “accident,” Sam’s ability to play the guitar dies along with her dreams of attending the renowned school. Losing all confidence in her future, Sam hides behind the emotional barriers that have protected her for years. Just when Sam has given up, a budding friendship and an unexpected romance give her the hope she needs, forcing her to reevaluate all she’s ever known. With fresh conviction, Sam battles her father’s plans for her future, band mates using her for personal gain, and a permanent injury. But will it be enough? Julliard auditions are almost here. Time’s running out, and Sam must re-learn to play the guitar or give up her dreams forever. On SALE for a limited time! ONLY 99 Cents! Amazon Kindle: Paperback: B&N Nook: framed Author Bio T.M. Souders was born in Johnstown, PA and grew up in the suburbs outside of Pittsburgh. She graduated in 2004, from Youngstown State University, with a degree in Psychology and minor in Women’s Studies. She is the author of bestselling women’s fiction novel, Waiting on Hope, as well as the novelette Dashing Through The Snow, and the three-time, award-winning YA novel, Freedom Road. She is the founder of The Serious Reader, a site dedicated to connecting with readers one book at a time. She currently lives in rural Ohio with her husband and children. GIVEAWAY Rafflecopter code: a Rafflecopter giveaway

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