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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Gawain and the Green Knight by Stefan Emunds

Gawain and the Green Knight

by Stefan Emunds


GENRE: Mystical Romance






A knight goes out of his way and seeks his execution on his own free will in the hope people will remember him as the embodiment of honor.


Sir Gawain serves as the most honorable knight at King Arthur’s Round Table, and after an encounter with the mysterious Green Knight, Gawain’s fate becomes intertwined with that of his own honorable death – a destiny he must fight for to the bitter end. After accepting a beheading challenge from the Green Knight, Sir Gawain is awestruck to find the knight quite alive, despite his mortal wound.


In the year that follows, Gawain strikes out across the land in search of the green chapel, just one link in the chain of a perplexing and ancient mystery behind the Green Knight, and the circumstances of Gawain’s voluntary execution. Along the way, Gawain’s strength, duty, and honor will be tested as he fights through treacherous trials and carnal temptations. Trapped in a terminal karmic scenario, and honor-bound to seek out his own death, Gawain leaps into the ethos of mythology as a hero of legend.


A classic retelling of the story of Gawain and the Green Knight, this story of karma and honor brings the legend back to life as a mystical romance and epic adventure tale that will whisk you away to an era of chivalry, honor, and divine purpose.



Excerpt One:


Hardly had the food found its way onto the tables, King Arthur still standing on the dais, arms crossed, when suddenly a gigantic amazon on an equally impressive Pegasus crashes through the wall like lightning, followed by an entourage of rowdy ghosts. Her skin and hair shimmer in various green shades. Her hair is matted and tied into a wild bush by a coiling, hissing snake. Many more snakes slither over her body and dive in and out of her skin.


The music and dancing break off. The ghosts mimic the people, freeze on the spot with wide eyes and open mouths. Only the horse makes itself heard, stamps with its hoofs on the marble floor, and snorts with a steaming breath. Gawain fumbles for his sword that he left in the disarming room, hypnotized by the huge ax fastened to the amazon’s back.


“Who called me?” Her voice rings loud and clear like cathedral bells. The stillness drags, people are choking as if the ghosts just dived down their throats.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Stefan loves to write spiritual, visionary, and inspirational fiction and non fiction. He was born in Germany and enjoyed two years backpacking in Australia, New Zealand, and South-East Asia in his early twenties.

Although drawn to philosophy and spirituality since adolescence, Stefan chose a career in the telecommunication industry. Since then, he has worked as a business development manager in Europe, Middle East, and in South East Asia.

For almost three decades, Stefan has pursued a spiritual career at B.O.T.A., a modern mystery school teaching Tarot, Qabalah, Gematria, esoteric Astrology, and Alchemy.

2012 Stefan kick-started his author hobby career. He writes about the mysteries of life and beyond and likes to tickle people’s spiritual bone. He has set his heart on promoting a contemporary, spiritual Christianity too. Of course, he also writes to entertain. Spirituality is fun.


When Stefan isn’t writing, he spends his time with his children and works on his spiritual career, in the hope to meet God face to face in this lifetime.




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Stefan Emunds will be awarding a copy of Gawain and the Green Knight to 5 randomly drawn winners (US ONLY) via rafflecopter during the tour.
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