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DivaVBTHome Shopping Diva
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Meg also has accompanying music to her book, if you’d like to share that, as well! Here are the links:
Book Blurb:
Millions of viewers have seen Meg Flather on QVC, USA and on The Shopping
Channel of Canada as a brand ambassador and skin wellness expert. But in her new book, Home Shopping Diva:
Lessons, Lyrics, and Lipstick, we learn that there is much more to her story.
Years ago Flather’s makeup artist asked before a home shopping appearance in Canada, “How did you end up
doing this?” The young woman’s reaction to Flather’s reasoning made the Home Shopping Diva realize she had
a story for all women.
The Devil Wears Prada meets Sex in the City meets Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret, Flather’s book is an
urban coming of age story that shares detailed accounts of what it was like living in New York City in the ‘80s
and ‘90s as an aspiring actress juggling theatrical auditions by day and the merry-go-round of survival jobs by
night. While determined to separate from parents and make it on her own, the city of New York plays a
supporting role in her story.
The story is of Meg’s search for love, chronicling the boyfriends, breakups, divorce and her recovery to loving
again. Flather doesn’t spin a typical “blame it on the men who left” tale, rather her story is one of the use of
counseling, of looking inward and owning one’s “stuff” that gets in the way of intimacy. She explains through
her poignant words that it is only when we grow a “real woman” of ourselves that we can recognize a “real
Flather’s book is an artist finding her voice story from a professional theatrical and commercial actress to cabaret
performer to singer-songwriter and producer of six original albums of songs. The lyrics between each chapter
tell the story as much as the chapters themselves, and all of Flather’s music is available on iTunes. For samples,
Home Shopping Diva is the magical story of a career with the random act of replenishing cosmetics after
Flather’s purse was stolen and she was offered a job – a job she was not even looking for that changed the course
of her life and used all of her skills, gave her mentors and a sisterhood she desperately needed. Standing in just
about every cosmetic department in New York City has paved the way for her to become the Home Shopping
Diva. Flather’s overarching message is finding proof in what she calls the “invisible world” that is always there
waiting to help if allowed.
“When we let go of preconceived and forced plans, illusions of who we are supposed to partner with and look
like or what we do for a living, we get all we need to live our own authentic and beautiful story,” Flather said.
Meg FlatherInterview:

Where are you from? Tell us a little about yourself!


I am a singer/songwriter, author, award winning cabaret performer, commercial actress and home shopping brand ambassador. I have sold cosmetics on all US, Canadian and Australian shopping channels. Presently I proudly represent StriVectin skincare on QVC and PERLIER bath products and StriVectin on The Shopping Channel of Canada. I was a Peace Corps baby and spent my first five years living in Malaysia, Micronesia and the northern Mariana island of Saipan.  When I was five years old the family settled in a suburb of Massachusetts. When I was thirteen we moved to NYC where I ultimately attended The High School of Music and Art in Harlem.  I think these rich experiences meeting people from all over the world planted an intense desire within me connect and communicate as a career. That is what all my “hats” have in common.


Tell us about your book? How did it get started?


I have been writing songs and my own one woman shows for years. After performing my one woman show, “Home Shopping Diva…Lessons, Lyrics, and Lipstick,” my husband (who happens to also be my bass player!) shared that when he looked out into the audience he saw everyone was relating to and moved by my story. The theme of learning to let go of “the plan” to allow that invisible world to take you down paths you never imagined was resonating with everyone in the audience. A diverse group of men and women of all ages, career paths, political and spiritual beliefs was relating to my lessons. That fact served as the “push” I needed to reach more people by writing the book.


How do you create your characters?


All the characters are real players in my life. I changed most names along with the names of the companies I worked for and the brands, stores and television channels I worked for. It makes if fun for the reader to try to figure out who or what company I am talking about.


What inspires and what got you started in writing?


My love of words started with my passion for music and theatre. I grew up acting out show tunes in my room. I studied acting, dance, voice, and performed in every school, camp and community theater production I could find.  Soon I was a professional actress, a member of all the acting unions, a cabaret artist,  singer/songwriter and a brand ambassador speaking to millions through television. Writing the book sprouted out of all of this. But music is the heart of the book.  The lyrics I share in the book tell my story as much as the chapters themselves. It all begins and ends with my music.


Where do you write? Is there something you need in order to write (music, drinks?)


In the bedroom I sit at an antique gate leg table that was passed down my father’s side of the family. Usually my cat is sprawled out by my feet, helping in his own way. I am accompanied by the sounds of the city street outside my sunny window. My husband pops in with coffee, so it definitely is a “family” affair.  I also did a bit of writing while riding the Amtrak to and from QVC.


How do you get your ideas for writing?


My writing ideas literally come to me like anonymous messages from some invisible force. Sometimes I literally dream lyrics and melodies. I wake myself up, grab a notepad and jot down a new lyric or go to the landline and sing a new melody as a message into my cell phone. This all happens at 3 or 4 in the morning. My husband really gets major points for putting up with these episodes.


What do you like to read?


I love reading plays. “The Glass Menagerie” is my all time favorite play.

“Wuthering Heights,” “Jude the Obscure,” “Tess of the D’Urbervilles” are three classics that really reached me as a college student.  I love reading autobiographies of performers and political leaders that inspire me. “The Lovely Bones”, “The Secret Life of Bees” are two more recent reads.


What would your advice to be for authors or aspiring authors in regards to writing?


The advice I would give any artist is to trust your voice. When you feel the temptation to imitate, stop. Get up from the desk and walk away. We want to hear you. I learned through home shopping that people will engage if they feel you are really present.  They will listen to your sell.  They will even buy your product.  But they must buy you first. This applies to all endeavors.



Anything else you’d like to share?


I wrote my book for the younger men and women in my life. My story illustrates that all my mistakes, my ups and downs, my starts and stops were essential to my success and self worth. I learned to recognize the teachers, mentors and angels who wanted to guide me and I finally allowed myself to ask for help. Your “stuff” will wait for you until you deal with it.  So, roll up your sleeves, work on yourself and use the resulting emotional golden nuggets creatively. I am most proud of the lemonade I made out of my life lemons. I hope to teach that art to others through this work.



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