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Blog Tour: Ivy Visions by Judy Serrano

300Judy Serrano graduated from Texas A&M University, Commerce with a BA in English. She is a substitute teacher at her childrenís school district and teaches developmental writing at a local college. She is also a freelance writer for certain on-line periodicals and does editing for indie authors. She is the author of The Easterís Lilly Series, The Linked Series, and The Ivy Vines, Visions Series.

Although she is originally from New York, she currently resides in Texas with her husband, four children, (all boys) and five dogs. She is also a singer/songwriter in her spare time.
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05About Ivy Vines Visions

Moving to Sedona was the only way Ivy could think of to start over. She would meet her high school sweetheart and work on making things right between them. Her psychic abilities were gradually becoming a curse and she needed a new start. Little does she know that when she applies for a waitressing job at a local, upscale French bistro, she will come in contact with the dark and mysterious Eli Dubois. What she doesnít realize is she has just walked into the middle of the Vortex Murders, which involve a great deal of paranormal activity. Elijahís army of seers are being murdered, one by one, which seems to be magnifying Ivyís special abilities.

Eli’s best friend, Jake, arrives on the scene and reveals the secret that changes everything. With nowhere to turn, Ivy leans on the two men who offer her solace. And who is the old woman in the shroud? Is she a vision, a dream, or is she real? Only time will tell.

Author of The Easter’s Lilly Series and Linked
published by Black Rose Writing
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An interview between Daphne and the author, Judy Serrano.

Daphne, as you know, you are the main character of my new paranormal romance, Linked. Were you happy in general about the outcome?

Well, I donít want to give too much away, but you certainly did surround me with some very handsome alpha males. I canít complain about that.

So true. Did you enjoy being a schoolteacher?

I wasnít really a schoolteacher. I was more of a substitute teacher for high school, as Charlie was only too happy to continuously point out to me. It was a hard job but very rewarding. Next time make me something really exciting like a werewolf or a cheetah. I want to be something unusual and hard to catch.

I will keep that in mind for the next book. Do you think you made the right choice with the man in your life or do you wish I directed you somewhere else?

I am very happy with the choices I made. I think you made the right decision. Although the love triangle became very painful, in real life thatís how it is.

I suppose so. Did you wish you ended up with Dante, Charlieís brother?

There is no doubt that Dante will always hold a special place in my heart. He was so sexy and crazy, but certainly I had other places to be. I had other men who needed me more.

One last question, Daphne. What do you think life would have been like if you just didnít extend the invitation to Charlie Cross? Sometimes I think I should have named this book, The Invitation.

Donít think it hasnít occurred to me that I should have just said no. Nothing would have changed and Iíd be a teacher by now, teaching high school English. But, that being said, I love my family and wouldnít have changed a thing. Not many girls can say they have done what Iíve done or been where Iíve been. I am a lucky girl.

Thanks, Daphne, for letting me ask you a few questions. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Yes. GirlsÖ if you meet a guy and you know in your head that this is going to be the most thrilling ride of your lifeÖ get on board.

The Pen and Muse Interview:

Where are you from? Tell us a little about yourself!

I am from New York originally, but currently live in Texas. I have a wonderful husband, four boys, and five dogs. (I know, crazy!) I am the CEO of Alpha Editing, but more importantly, I write whenever I get the chance. I have a mafia romance series called Easter’s Lilly, a vampire paranormal romance series called, “Linked,” and of course, “Ivy Vines, Visions.” I am currently going to grad school to finish my MA in English.


Tell us about your book? How did it get started?

Ivy Vines, started out as a memory. I remember playing with a Ouija board with my friends at a birthday party, and my imagination took over from there.  Ivy certainly has more fun than I ever did.


How do you create your characters?

I usually start out with a main character that I have something in common with, and then she takes me for a ride. The adventures these people pick, are never anything that I have planned. Sometimes my main characters are men, so that can be very interesting.


Where do you write? Is there something you need in order to write (music, drinks?)?

I have a table set up in my living room, and that is where I write. I don’t need anything special to write. As a matter of fact, I can write anywhere, anytime. I have a gift where the voices in my head are louder than the voices around me. I can sit in a McDonald’s and write while carrying on a conversation with someone. It’s probably because I don’t have a lot of time to write. I am awake at night with storylines dancing through my head.


How do you get your ideas for writing?

As I said above, I do tend to dream storyline. This happens often. I also get storylines just randomly appearing in my head as I am going through my day. I try to write them down quickly, or I will forget it all.


What do you like to read?

I love romantic suspense. Give me an alpha male and a sticky situation and I’m all over it. I also enjoy a good young adult read. I LOVED Hunger Games and Beautiful Disaster. If there is a little bit of romance somewhere in the mix, I am good to go.

What would your advice to be for authors or aspiring in regards to writing?

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Don’t ever let the back-up plan become the plan. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will. Do not go to a lot of trouble finding that job that will help you sail along while you are writing. Before you know it, you will be working and not writing. If you are a true writer, your spirit will require you to write, write, write… So make sure that whatever you do that you allow your heart to soar.


Anything else you’d like to share?

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me today. I would love for you to stop by my Facebook page and “like” it while you are there. This way you can be updated on my latest books and reviews. Here is the link. Hope to see you there!







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