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Blog Tour: The Killer Wore Leather by Laura Antoniou



The Killer Wore Leather 
An S/M Mystery

Laura Antoniou

  • The author’s books have sold more than 600,000 copies
  • A cult author, blogger pundit, and popular speaker, Antoniou is a marketing powerhouse who lectures and workshops around the world
  • In 2011, Antoniou won the Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Leather Association (NLA)Mr. Global Leather has been murdered! Cormac “Mack” Steel lies dead on the floor of his suite at Mr. and Ms. Global Leather, wearing only bright yellow frilly panties. He made plenty of enemies in his year wearing the studded leather sash, not the least being his cowinner Mistress Ravenfyre. But she is not alone—there are over 3,000 attendees at this year’s fetish-festooned event from all over the world, some of whom might have had some very personal issues with Steel. Enter Detective Rebecca Feldblum of the Midtown East Precinct. Assigned to this doozy of a case because, as one of NYC’s only out lesbian detectives, her lieutenant seems to believe these are “her people.” Shocked, amazed, and alternately puzzled and amused, detective Feldblum navigates a world of doms and subs, masters and mistresses, leather, latex, and lingerie, to discover who murdered the late Mack Steel.Laura Antoniou has over 20 years of experience teaching, speaking to, and occasionally skewering the alt-sex communities around the world. She has also edited the groundbreaking Leatherwomenanthologies and writes scholarly work on BDSM. Her work has been translated into Spanish, German, Hebrew, Japanese, and Korean. She lives in New York City.




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