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Jewelry designer Amie McNair would do anything for her dying grandmother, including promise to travel with the outsider chosen to run her family’s business empire. Simple. All she has to do is keep her hands to herself…and find a way to let the sexy new CEO know she’s pregnant with his child.

Preston Armstrong has secrets of his own. But spending a week with Amie has this tight-lipped cowboy longing to open up. Even if his past threatens their future—as a couple, and a family.


If you’d like to feel the heat between two characters, Amie and Preston. Preston is the new CEO of Amie’s family. There is an attraction that they cannot deny each other. Amie becomes pregnant with Preston’s child and keeps it a secret from him. Soon enough both find that denying each other is the wrong way to go and the truth comes out on Amie’s condition. Preston’s path comes back to haunt him once Amie’s condition comes into play? Will their relationship last? Mann writes a beautiful story about love gained and how love has many trials. Preston and Amie go through these trials together to find that love is really worth fighting for.

Bon Appétit and a Book:

Please provide one of your favorite recipes (drink, snack, entrée, etc.) that could go along with the theme of your book (if possible)—or just your favorite recipe in general!


Sweet tea! I’m Southern, after all. And the recipe is so simple. Get a gallon drink dispenser. Place 6-8 large tea bags in the container. Place the lid on tp with the tags dangling out. Set the container in the window sill all day. At the end of the day, pull out the tea bags. Add 3-4 cups or sugar (or your low calorie sweetener of choice) and refrigerate. Especially yummy if add lemon slices or mint leaves.


Writing Space Tour:

Describe your usual writing space that helps inspire you to write—whether it be a comfy chair, a desk covered in sticky notes or a beachy oasis. Bloggers love photos! If you’re able to take a photo of your view, all the better. Please include a paragraph description about why this place helps you get into your writing mode and perhaps explain a couple of the items in the photo.


Whether upstairs or downstairs, I sit in the same corner of the house with double French doors overlooking the water and a barrier island. Sometimes I meander out onto the porch to write as well (if the mosquitoes aren’t biting too badly! LOL!) I find the peace of the ocean/sound/gulf very soothing.


Love Lessons Learned:

What are some of the real-life romance lessons we can take away from the book?

PURSUED BY THE RANCHER is all about second chances. No matter how bad the heartache (both the hero and heroine have suffered deep losses) and no matter how big the challenges (the heroine has special needs son), there is hope for the future. Finding a life partner, a true and lasting love, can heal those wounds and offer strength to build a beautiful forever – together.


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