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Psychotherapeutic Metaphorical Fairy Tale, Fiction


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First in the world psychotherapeutic metaphorical fairy tale for adults
effectively working with the subconscious and healing childhood traumas.
Apocalyptin is a metaphorical fairy-tale fascinating story that contains
powerful psychological tools and powerful NLP techniques to help heal
childhood traumas through a non-confrontational approach. Reframing is a
powerful method that emploied in the story. By reading the story of Odi and
Dina, readers can parallel their familiar issues to those within the story
to help reframe their painful memories and transform distractive emotional
and behavioral patterns. This is a very unusual but effective option to work
through resentment and other negative emotions associated with experienced
psychological trauma.


Odi is a teenager from a dysfunctional family who lives in constant stress
associated with the poor welfare of his family and the cruelty of the
surrounding reality, filled with enemies and moral and physical blows. His
life is dark, miserable, and hopeless, until one day a magic flashlight
appears that allows him to see the inner children of his offenders and
traumatic episodes that happened in their childhoods.

At the same, magical heroes suddenly appear, and he goes on a mystical
journey. This expands his mind-set and allows him to change his perception
and get out of resentment. Having gone through the transformation of his
consciousness, he helps his close friend Dina survive the frustration
associated with the traumatic events taking place in her family. She gets
out of resentment and revenge plans, focusing attention on building a
prosperous and happy future. All the childhood stories described are based
on true events.

 About the Author

Anna Parkman is well known life coach, health coach and writer, who is
using in her work combination of psychological and NLP tools. The uniqueness
of her methods is noted in numerous articles in various respected
publications. Anna is a frequent guest on the covers of magazines. Articles
about her and her unique book Apocalyptin can be found in the most
prestigious publications. She also has million followers in Instagram.
Parkman’s list of psychological specialties is extensive. These areas
include, but are not limited to: cognitive behavioral therapy, gestalt
therapy, psychoanalysis, body-oriented therapy, art therapy,fairy tale
therapy, children physiology, family phycology, shema therapy, Systemic and
family constellations, psychosomatics, conflictology, emotionally focused
therapy, personality disorders, sexology. Also Anna is a master practitioner
of NLP.(Nuero linguistic programming). Even though this list is quite long,
Parkman notes that “this list will be replenished all the time as I
study endlessly and in my plans to study many more modalities of
psychology.” Her passion for psychology is palpable.Utilizing the
skills she learned and the areas she studied, she currently retains
positions as a key opinion leader, lifecoach, and author.

She explains how her methods and continued experience allow her to be most
effective in carrying out her current positions: “It is my deep
conviction that it is correct to use an integral approach in psychology. It
is highly professional to navigate in various types of psychology and
combine the most effective tools and materials. This makes the work of a
psychologist very effective and gives opportunity for powerful
transformations.”Now Anna is a mother of 3 children.Masterfully
combines motherhood, marriage and career living in Miami Florida. Now she is
nown in USA and internationally recognized phycologist. Anna also is
Mrs.Florida Globe 2021-22.

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