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Children’s fiction, lgbtq+


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Deep down in the depths of the sea, there lives a vibrant community of the
most incredible sea creatures. Filled with wonder and love, these creatures
work and play together every day.

Koyah, Inyanga, and Pandora belong to a small pod of dolphins who spend
their days learning, singing, and hunting for food. The dolphin pod values
friendship, diversity, and community.

Pandora loves her friends and decides that she is ready to share with her
something personal and private. She shares with her friends that she is

Join Pandora and her friends as they learn about true friendship and the
meaning of unconditional love.


About the Author

During my forty plus trips around the sun, I have faced my share of
challenges. Infertility, breast cancer and building a practice in
healthcare, that was the easy stuff. Being the mom of four incredible humans
is my greatest passion. Each of my children bring unique experiences and
challenges, incredible joys and heartache. It wasn’t until my
daughter, at the age of five, revealed that she is transgender that I came
to understand what unconditional love really means. Join me as I work to
bring light to those who cannot speak for themselves. As I learn about the
impact of my privilege and discuss my missteps.

In my world All Are Welcome.

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