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Book Blitz : Danje

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Marc Mullinex


Horror, Psychological Thriller, Occult, Thriller, Paranormal, Fiction

Date Published: November 30, 2023



In a small Louisiana Bayou town during mid-September 1965, Albert Gilly
frantically prepares his family’s fishing store for an impending hurricane.
Amid the chaos, he notices Adonis, a drifter, lying motionless on the
street. With the wind raging and debris swirling violently around them,
Albert’s mind is consumed with thoughts of his family and their dependence
on him as the sole breadwinner. Knowing that they would be destitute without
him, he makes the painful decision to prioritize his own safety over
rescuing the stranger. As Albert stands in his shop’s doorway, the weight of
his guilt is almost suffocating, causing him to hesitate before locking
himself inside. He shouts one last time, urging the young man to seek
shelter in his late father’s houseboat at the end of the pier. Adonis is
startled awake by his words, his mind still hazy, as he struggles through
the strong winds until arriving at the floating sanctuary. However, his
relief is short-lived upon discovering the sinister secrets concealed within
the old wooden walls.

About the Author

Brigitte, “Gitte,” Tamar was born in a small rural Oregon town.
Growing up, she was enthralled by scary tales featuring poetic tones and
consistently gravitated towards writing darkened narratives. In the
different storylines, Brigitte explores the harsh realities of social issues
faced by today’s generations. This includes the dark outcomes brought on by
peer pressure, addiction, homelessness, mental illness, childhood trauma,
and abuse. She feels it is essential to share narratives that refrain from
sugarcoating the topics society tends to shy away from.


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