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Book Blitz: Digit: Robot Dog Stops Bullying At School @alexanders_h

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Denise Alicea

This blog was created by Denise in September 2008 to blog about writing, book reviews, and technology. Slowly, but surely this blog expanded to what it has become now, a central for book reviews of all kinds interviews, contests, and of course promotional venue for authors, etc

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story is about a Robot dog named Digit. Digit the  Robot dog who helps to stop bullying at the
Zipper Elementary School. Digit is a large robot dog that rolls down the
hallways at the Zipper Elementary School. Digit is a special dog because he
teaches children not to bully each other in school. Digit carries a red toolbox
kit that teaches children about positive behavior, positive role models,
positive rules, being kind to one another, being helpful to each other, and
teaches children how to deal with problems about bullying in school. Digit
teaches the children how to be friendly, to share, to say please and thank you
but most of all he teaches them to have positive behavior. Digit lets the
children program the computer. Digit has a special red toolbox kit with special
positive reward for those children who are well behaved in and out of
school.  Digit says, “Bullying Hurts! It
hurts us all. Stop Bullying now!
Books by Sophia Z. Domogala:

with Kindness
story is about ten bees bullying one another while flying around in Mrs. Busys
classroom. The ten bees are buzzing very loud, shouting at one another,
crashing into one another, pushing, shoving, trying to sting the children, and
flying around the classroom while Mrs. Busy is teaching. These are not
acceptable behaviors. The bees are being rude and are trying to bully one
another. All of a sudden, the bees decide being bullies is wrong. Being bullies
to one another is not the correct thing to do. The bees decide to be kind, use
kind language to one another, use good manners, be polite, and set a good
example for the children. Being bullies set a bad example for the children.
Mrs. Busy tells the children to behave nicely to one another. She tells the
children they should not push, hurt, shove, or bully one another. They need to
be thoughtful, kind, and say Excuse me or Im sorry. Being a bully is not the
correct behavior either in school or outside of school or anywhere. Mrs. Busy
tells the children to do their best in school and play together nicely as
bullying hurts the feelings of others. Mrs. Busy lets the children know they
should use only kind words and their indoor voices, they should be good
listeners, and they should not punch, kick, shove, hit, spit, and grab one
another. Bullying hurts others. The ten bees were wrong to hurt one another. No
bullying! Bullying others is not an acceptable behavior. Bullying hurts!
the Author

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Sophia Z.  Domogala,  (Doctorate in Education) , grew up on Long
Island, attended Uniondale High school,
New York and a  resident of
Eatontown, New Jersey for over 40 years.
Dr Sophia  Z.  Domogala. Earned a Master’s of Arts degree,
and Bachelor’s degree from Hofstra University, New York, and received Doctorate
degree from Nova Southeastern University, Florida, in Educational Leadership.
In addition, did post-graduate work at Monmouth University, West Long Branch,
New Jersey, and course work in School Law, St. Peters University, and Georgian
Court University in New Jersey. Served as a banking business consultant and
pursued a career in the public education field for over twenty years as a
special education teacher, elementary school teacher, middle school teacher,
principal, curriculum coordinator, and Director of Pre-School.  Enjoys challenging and engaging students in
creative school and community projects, the arts, music, theater, traveling,
cooking, and enjoys drawing, oil painting, and sketching. A member of the
Stanford Who’s Who, Black Book, and Manchester Who’s who book, the Executives
Professional Women’s Book and was nominated for Presidential Award. Member of
the NJPSA and the National Association of Elementary/ Secondary Schools
RABT Book Tours & PR
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