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Date Published: 11-09-2022

Publisher: Severed Press


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Genetic scientists have created a species of virtually indestructible
living weapons, codenamed the Olympians. But they made one mistake: Never
create what you can’t destroy.

After surviving his battle against prehistoric scorpions, mercenary Dave
Brank sought seclusion—a chance to heal in the arms of his equally
traumatized lover, Emily Lennox. Their bliss is cut short when North Korean
agents hijack a dozen genetically engineered dinosaur hybrids from a secret
lab. Brank discovers that these creatures aren’t just mindless, living
weapons—their genetically engineered brains are evolving at a
staggering rate, approaching human intelligence. He grapples with the
prospect of killing sentient beings that never asked to be created, while
Emily discovers secrets hidden within the lab that make her question who the
real monsters are. Brank’s hand is forced when the Olympians escape
their Korean captors, fleeing into the desert to feed on their mortal
enemy—man. But hunting them down places him in the crosshairs of North
Korean assassins eager to reclaim their prize.

Humans and Olympians collide in a deadly showdown, with the winner becoming
earth’s dominant species.


About the Author

DOMINANT SPECIES is William Burke’s fourth novel, following a long
career in film and television.  He was the creator and director of the
Destination America paranormal series Hauntings and Horrors and the OLN
series Creepy Canada, as well as producing the HBO productions Forbidden
Science, Lingerie and Sin City Diaries. His work has garnered high praise
from network executives and insomniacs watching Cinemax at 3 a.m.

During the 1990’s Burke was a staff producer for the Playboy
Entertainment Group, producing eighteen feature films and multiple
television series. He’s acted as Line Producer and Assistant Director
on dozens of feature films—some great, some bad and some truly

Aside from novels Burke has written for Fangoria Magazine, Videoscope
Magazine and is a regular contributor to

He also served in the United States Air Force, reaching the rank of

His YouTube Channel is


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