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Shades of Gray Serial Trilogy, Volume 1

Historical Fiction

Date Published: 06-08-2021


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Award-winning Enemies-to-Lovers Civil War novel.


Can two adversaries reach beyond the battle lines to unite in the midst

Honor and conviction clash with loyalty and love in this sweeping Civil War
tale that pits brother against brother. Duty Bound is Volume I in the Shades
of Gray Civil War Serial Trilogy.

Colonel Alexander Hunter would rather die than see the Union set foot on
his beloved Virginia soil. And while he holds the line against Northern
aggression with legendary skill, a treacherous boy on horseback always
thwarts his offensives.

His allegiance is tested when the traitor he unmasks is the woman he once
swore to his brother he would protect.

Andrea Monroe would do anything to make her country whole again. A
Southern-born Union spy, she’s dedicated to undermining the arrogant
Confederate officer. When she’s taken captive and badly injured,
Andrea is shocked to wake up in the legendary home of her nemesis, rather
than prison.

As prisoner and captor spend time together, their mutual loyalty grows into
unexpected devotion. But as fresh conflicts arise, they again, cross

There’s a fine line between friends and enemies. Can these two
headstrong foes overcome their differences?


“It is a book I think could have the impact of a ‘Gone With the
Wind.” – J. Noyalas, Assistant Professor of History


“The best Civil War fiction book since Cold Mountain.” –
J. Bibb, SCV, Trimble Camp 1836


“Andrea and Alex will surely take the place in my heart of Rhett and
Scarlett as the perfect Civil War fictional love story!” – A.

About the Author

Jessica James is an award-winning author of historical fiction,
suspense/thrillers and heartwarming Southern small town fiction, who has a
special place in her heart for old trees, old houses and old books.

She writes inspirational novels with emotional plots, fascinating
characters, unforeseen twists, and touches of heart-warming romance.

James’ novels have been used in schools and are available in hundreds
of libraries including Harvard and the U.S. Naval Academy.

She shares her passions for travel and history on her blog Past Lane
Travels, where you can read about off-the-beaten-path historical sites she

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