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Marc Mullinex


Historical Fiction



It’s 1943 on the American home front, and Ella’s pent-up, common-law
husband finally decides to leave their farm and enlist. Ella must either
depart their seafaring town in coastal Delaware to pursue other dreams
inland or try to save their farm. Their grade-school son, Reese, won’t
budge, and Ella sees that farmers have a patriotic duty to stay on the

The bay and ocean waters before them have been preyed upon by German
U-boats, and their village has become a refuge for survivors. When an
officer from a surrendered German submarine is sent to her as part of POW
farm labor, can Ella embrace the help in order to survive? And what happens
when Dieter becomes more than a hand to her, amidst prying eyes and under
her beloved but conflicted son’s watch? How will she choose when her
explosive husband returns from Europe wounded from infantry duty against the

In ELLA’S WAR, we travel a journey amongst women and men whose lives are
deeply altered by the circumstances of WWII. What heroic or questionable
choices must they make to be true to themselves and come through the great

 About the Author

Rusty studied creative writing at the University of Virginia and has been a
full-time freelance writer for most of his career. He owns The Writers
Studio, a marketing/copywriting practice located just outside of
Philadelphia. He led the Advanced Novel Writing Group at the Writers
Room/Writers Corner, a writers co-op in Doylestown, Bucks County,
Pennsylvania, and is a member of the Rebel Writers, a highly select novelist
critique group that was highlighted in Writer’s Digest in the article
“Plotting a Novel Group”.

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