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Book Blitz: Escaping My Demons

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Denise Alicea

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Date Published: November 6, 2022

Publisher: Ocean Reeve Publishing Queensland Australia


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Throughout this book we learn about the sufferance of a baby boy, unwanted
by his teenage parents.

This boy grew up with an aggressive and womanising father that constantly
reminded him that he was a mistake that ruined his father’s

While been beaten and mentally abused, all he craved from his parents was
love but received nothing but humiliation and sufferance from his

This caused detrimental trauma to the young boy, and he grew up believing
that he would never achieve anything in life.

I was this little boy, and this is my story.


What Readers Are Saying

“Great read, very compelling, could not put it down. Read in one
sitting. You are a good guy, glad that I know you!”

– Peter Healey


“Reading Escaping my Demons gave me an insight into how difficult
Joseph’s childhood was … This would be a good self-help book for those who
have had less-than-ideal family life and the proof has shown that in the end
we make our own lives and can choose toe either be a victim or a

-Vicki Ebert


“The book ‘Escaping my Demons’ is Fragarazzi’s road map to the
emotional freedom he now enjoys today.”

-Kez Wickham St George


About the Author

Joseph Fagarazzi was born in Venice, Italy in 1951. His life story, and his
book, Escaping My Demons, are based on his strength and persistence in
surviving as an unwanted ridiculed child by biased parents.

Learn more about Joseph and how his life journey took him to live in
Australia on

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