Book Blitz: For Orphans, Lost Children, Youth, And Whom It May Concern

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Publisher: Kuumba Books


Uplifting, motivational, and empowering, the poems in For Orphans, Lost
Children, Youth, and Whom It May Concern celebrate resilience, compassion,
spirituality and, above all, the power of dreams to spawn hope for the

Rolly Lambert Fogoum’s second poetry collection clusters heartfelt
and passionate poems speaking to orphans, the deliberately silenced, and the
ignored. By turns lyrical, introspective, and epistolary, the
collection’s force builds as the poems appeal to our compassion. Often
directly addressing the forsaken, this collection takes us on a journey
through empathy, chronicling painful times, but also heralding hope for
better times to come.

About the Author

 Rolly Lambert Fogoum Tameza, mostly known as Rolly Lambert Fogoum, is a
professional boxer and a humanitarian. He graduated with a B.A. from the
Faculty of Law and Political Sciences at the University of Yaounde II, Soa
in 2013 and began a professional boxing career in 2014, with his first fight
in Dubai. During a hiatus from boxing, he competed as a fitness model,
winning awards in several categories.

He returned to boxing in 2018 and won several titles, including Universal
Boxing Organisation Africa Champion in Ghana in 2020, World Boxing
Organisation Africa Champion in Dubai in 2021, World Boxing Association Asia
Champion and World Boxing Council Asia Champion in Thailand in 2022. His
first book, Light Your Inner Spark for Days of Grace, was published in


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