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High Point
by Susan Zoe Bella


GENRE: Contemporary Romance



It’s only rock and roll but I hate it. Groupies, parties, a cheating ex, and a dark night spawned a wake-up call. I’d shifted my focus to work and avoiding social media. Singing lead for a famous band had become nothing more than a steppingstone to my true dream of racing Pro Motocross. I hadn’t dated in years. Then ‘she’ showed up and everything in me longed to be with her. I was stoked she’d agreed to join me at High Point Raceway for the weekend, even if it meant putting up with Mack. Better still, Mia wasn’t a groupie, not even close. She wasn’t even a fan of our music. If love at first sight had a name, it would be Mia Fringe and I had to make her mine. ~ Jett

I’d seen him in passing over the years. He was the neighbor of my best friend. But we’d never officially been introduced until the night Mackie badgered me into meeting him after attending his band’s concert. I tried not to look awestruck, stunned that someone this gorgeous had been within my scope for years but had not caught my attention. He had success written all over him. Girls like me didn’t end up with guys like him. Recently unemployed, still living on the family farm, and recovering from a nervous breakdown, I was a mess. But Jett saw something in me that nobody else ever had…worth. ~ Mia

Action, drama, and chaos kick off right from the start at High Point Raceway when Mackie has second thoughts about playing matchmaker between Mia and Jett. However, when the week of bliss comes to an end, Mia is heartbroken and confused as to why Jett doesn’t keep his promise. She accepts a job as a reporter three thousand miles away to escape the pain.
Ten years later, Mia and Jett cross paths in the most startling way. She’s about to discover the truth of what really happened so long ago. Will she be able to trust Jett again when he pleads for a second chance? Can love and forgiveness conquer a decade of hurt? It all goes down in the dirt during the last race of the season.



“Seems you settled down,” Kat noted. “Are we cool?”

I lifted my cup in a casual toast. “One of us is.”

Jett laughed and tapped his cup to mine. “Sweet burn.”

Kat surprised me with an impressive poker face, not revealing a hint of the daggers in her eyes I’d seen earlier. She was calculatingly wicked, a dangerous force to antagonize. However, Kat, in all her puffed-up narcissism and devious tactics had never met Fringe.

“I’m glad we worked it out,” she added.

“Mm-hm,” I muttered then directed my attention to the sexy guy with his arm around my waist.

“This is the first chance I got to check out your car. Seventy Gran Sport, right?”

“Yeah. You know cars?” He sounded surprised.

“I’ve always loved American Muscle.” I let my free hand glide up his bare arm to caress his huge bicep. “In more ways than one.”

He cocked one brow and grinned. “Would you like a closer look?”

“At the car?” I winked.

Fascination in his eyes deepened. “Both.”

“Mm-yes,” I purred.

We chugged our beer then set the empty cups aside. He eased me off his lap and escorted me to the beautiful Mediterranean Blue car parked several feet away. I moseyed around it, taking my time to admire the high-polished chrome wheels, trim, and bumpers in addition to flawless metallic paint on the body.

“Magnificent machine,” I gushed. “Four-fifty-five Stage One?”

“Yeah…” Something between awe and astonishment shimmered in his eyes as he gazed at me.

He popped the hood. “Check it out.”

“Wow…” I peered down at the engine. “Immaculate. You could eat off that. Impressive detailing. Lots of ponies under your hood.”

He slid both arms around me from behind and leaned in close. “You’re turning me on.”

I pivoted within his embrace and gazed up into heart-melting eyes that glistened in the light cast by a spectacular full moon. He lowered his head and kissed me again. This time the kiss was deeper, more intense and laced with longing.

My body relaxed against his as my arms wound around his neck. His hands slid up my back as he pulled me closer. We kissed passionately, locked in a tight embrace. He was an amazing kisser. His scent swirled around me. Arousal mounted. I hadn’t felt desire for a man, ever.
Men in my life had taken what they wanted without my consent.
The sensations Jett invoked were both alarming and thrilling.
When we eased from the kiss, he hugged me close and held me like nobody ever had. “This feels good. You feel so good…” he murmured against my neck. “So real and right and good.”

“I agree.” I rested my head against his chest and sighed dreamily.

We stood next to his car, kissing and holding each other on the most enchanting night of my life, following a rollercoaster of a day. We couldn’t seem to get close enough. Desperate longing emanated between us. Nobody existed except the two of us in that unforgettable moment.
A campfire crackled nearby. Stars reigned overhead.
The most perfect night. Perfect moment. Perfect kiss.
After a while, he pulled back and stared down into my eyes, tenderly brushing mussed hair off my face with one hand. “I’m glad you’re here, darlin, and that you stayed. You must be exhausted. I know I am. Ready to crash for the night?”


“I sleep in my backseat. That offer to hold you all night long is still on the table if you’re interested,” he said softly, gently.

“That’s an offer I won’t refuse. I’m gonna grab my purse, be right back.”

He cupped my chin with a tender albeit sensual touch. “I’ll be waiting.”

Mercy. The way he made me feel. Flutters and shivers raced through me, over me. I prayed to get through the night without losing self-control. I sauntered back to my chair and snagged my purse off the ground.

“Where are you going?” Mackie asked in a boozy slur, sloppy drunk as usual.

I took a quick look around. Kat and Bob had retreated to the back of their truck for the night.

“Going to bed…with Jett,” I replied, adding a snarky eyebrow shrug.

She glowered through heavy eyes. “Tick, tick, tick. You’re dancing with the devil on borrowed time.”

I gave her the finger then twirled away. A wonderful night awaited, and nobody was stealing it. The car door was open when I returned, and the front seat folded forward.
He lay sprawled across the seat, shirtless, the fly of his jeans unsnapped, and both arms casually folded behind his head. He looked alarmingly suggestive.

Excerpt Three:

“Cozy,” I said. “Love the sound of rain. Not fond of storms so much, though.”

“I’ll protect you,” he proudly declared.

I giggled. “Like you did in the cave? Will you chase them away with a tiny twig?”

He tackled me to a nearby sofa and tickled me into fits of laughter. His reflexes were incredibly fast. I giggled and coiled against him and pretended I wanted him to stop.

Then he thoroughly kissed me, sweeping his tongue through my mouth. He tasted fresh as always and his kiss was laden with hot desire. I sighed and relaxed against him, relishing his touch, his scent, the sound of his breathing. Nothing else mattered right then except being with him.

His lips eased their way to my neck, leaving a trail of warmth in their wake as they drifted lower—and lower still. I wound my fingers into his soft, thick hair and took hold.
He slid the zipper of my top halfway down with one hand while keeping the fingers of his other laced with mine above my head. He caressed my midriff then inched higher. I curled around him, wanting him, basking in the closeness. He lifted his head, unlocked our fingers, and let his hand glide down the underside of my extended arm while simply gazing at me.
I wanted him so much it scared me.

“I’m falling for you, darlin,” he whispered soft and low. Emotion drenched his voice.

I stared up into his ‘make love to me’ eyes. And in that moment, I knew the truth must be told.

Tears stung my eyes. “We should have that talk now.”

“Now? I want you, baby. I’m on fire here. Can we do it later? Whatever is going on won’t change how I feel about you.”

Wow. He’d made up his mind. Fringe had won him over. There we lay, alone and tangled around each other. He was mine for the taking. Strikingly handsome Jett Castle, dream guy, falling for me.

I wrestled with my conscience. He was ready to take our relationship to the next level. Everything I wanted was right within my grasp.

“It’s the leather,” I refuted. “Your judgment is clouded.”

He smiled with a light scoff. “No, well maybe, but we came close earlier. Here we are back in each other’s arms fighting our feelings for one another again.” He lowered his head and resumed kissing a delectable trail down my neck.

“You’re right,” I said on an airy breath and wrapped myself around him as he lowered his hard body against my soft curves.

“Mia…” he purred out my name in that velvety smooth tone.

No, no, no. Not her. My thoughts scrambled. But it was too late. He was falling for Mia—honest, loyal, kindhearted Mia. He deserved to know who he was dealing with. I’d never forgive myself if I lost him by deception.

I flattened my palms against his chest and gently pushed him back. “We can’t. Not yet. I’m sorry.”

He stared at me with brows knitted in utter disappointment. “Having second thoughts?”

“Absolutely not. I want you more than anything.”

“But?” He tilted his head. “There is a but…right?”

“Kind of. I don’t want you to get blindsided. I don’t know where to begin.”

He sighed and dropped his head on my chest. “Let me guess, Kat?”

“You felt a wall between us. As much as I want this with you right now, I can’t until—” I stopped short when a sudden roar came from outside. “Tornado!” I’d recognize that sound anywhere, anytime.

His head jerked up. Our eyes met as we froze and listened.



Where are you from? Tell us a little about yourself!

~ I live in Seven Fields, PA in a charming loft apartment with a view of both the east and west horizon. I was raised on a farm and did not like it one bit. I became disabled at thirty-three with Meniere’s Disease, which sucks. I tried to hold down jobs until 2009 then ran out of options. So, I focused on writing to manage stress. I have a wonderful service dog and we live with my fiancé, who is the best guy ever. I had kids but they abandoned me as my disabilities got worse as I was no longer of use to them. I love staying indoors because I’m allergic to almost everything outdoors which made living on a farm a hellish ordeal. So glad to be an apartment dweller now! Our apartment has tons of big windows, and we get plenty of light and moonlight! I love photography and have captured gorgeous sunrises and moonrises from my window. I love to laugh and watch sweet Christmas movies, and I’m very friendly despite a life of isolation with the exception of my partner. He’s funny and wonderful. He makes me laugh like nobody else could, and he loves me like nobody else ever has. Overall, I live with an attitude of gratitude despite my physical suffering. I get excited when someone reads and enjoys my books! My top priorities are God, my service dog, my fiancé, then everyone else. 

Tell us about your book? How did it get started?

~ I came across a journal I had written in 1987 which detailed my relationship with my partner. Our love story is and was unusual. Reading that journal helped me reconnect with my feelings and helped me find who we were before kids and family destroyed our relationship. I wanted to write our story. It took me a year or so, and many tries to finally get it right. I needed to soften the hard stuff, embellish the fiction, and have fun with the fact-based elements. The plot revolves around a dysfunctional but courageous young woman, a wealthy yet hardworking gorgeous young man who refuses to let his controlling family dictate his life, a nasty interfering sister, and a malicious lesbian woman who is obsessed with the heroine. A surefire recipe for drama and disaster. I meticulously wove it all together to create a dynamic, multilayered story loaded with emotion, tender romance, and plenty of action and adventure.

How do you create your characters?

~ Usually, I just think them up. Sometimes, they are inspired by real people but mostly it could be just one trait in a person that inspires a character. I think of a name I like then wait for the character to talk to me. Once they start talking, which is usually during my quietest moments, the story takes off. I’ve found that muses need my mind to be a complete rest for them to be able to speak to me.

What inspires and what got you started in writing?

~ Hardship, heartbreak, and pain inspire me because writing helps me get it out of my head. I started writing in grade school as a coping mechanism for abuse. I was severely abused for several years. Writing helped me escape into better worlds. I had a knack for transporting myself away from the situation and fantasizing about being accepted and loved in books. I guess I just kept at it because life kept coming at me.

Where do you write? Is there something you need in order to write (music, drinks?)

~ I write in my favorite chair. I used to write to music. But now that my partner is home full-time, I can write to movies that aren’t annoying. I call them “benign” as long as there are no annoying or grating voices the sound blends into the background. I don’t eat or drink while writing.

How do you get your ideas for writing?

~ Life. I take everything around me and filter reality into fiction. That’s how I manage stress. I have severe OCD so I need to give my brain something to do. Just look around. When we lived in a bad place, I incorporated “febreeze lady” next door into my book as I am allergic to that stuff and it drove me nuts. I killed her off in the laundry room LOL. Everything around me eventually ends up in a novel. I just released my 80th novel for a publisher last month. I’m primarily focused on my Indie books, though. The total number of contracted and self-published books tallies to eighty now. But most are retired because I no longer write erotica or vampires.

What do you like to read?

~ The Bible and inspirational material.

AUTHOR Bio and Links



“I am a fan of happily ever after. My novels are too!”

Susan Zoe enjoys creating contemporary, paranormal, fantasy and romantic suspense stories with a gritty flair. Her stories are her own, and she typically writes outside the box. She’s always been a leader not a follower. Writing is her mental filter and how she processes the world around her, a fictional place where she can control the outcome at her comfort level with justice and happy endings. Her imagination is her greatest strength as it carries her away from daily stress.

As a survivor of hardship and chronic disease, she takes one day at a time and treasures the simple things in life. Susan Zoe is a Christian, loves animals, and practices being kind and generous every day. When not immersed in new stories, she enjoys watching movies, Motocross and Supercross, playing Yahtzee with her fiancé, and hanging out with her loyal 24/7 companion and trained service dog. She’s not a fan of sitcoms as they don’t offer enough mental stimulation. Losing herself in an intense story gives her brain the workout it needs to manage OCD, anxiety, depression, and stress.

Her achievements thus far include The Golden Wings Award for her debut novel The Satellite, the UK Nobel Pin and Editor’s Choice Award for her poem The Lonely Man, numerous 5 Star Reviews from Fallen Angels Reviews, Coffee Time Romance, InD’tale Magazine, Goodreads and more for current and retired novels. She was also a RONE Awards Finalist in 2017.

She loves to hear from readers and chat!

In her words, “Writing is the only time I’m truly free.” She’s happiest when her intriguing characters come to life and steal her away into their worlds where anything is possible.

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