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Harmony in Autism

Children’s Book

Date Published: May 7, 2024

Publisher: MindStir Media



Meet Jacob, an autistic friend who sees the world in his own way.
Struggling to make friends, he discovers the power of music- and music
therapy- with the help of a caring teacher. In the rhythm of challenges and
quiet moments, Jacob finds his unique voice, proving that being different is
extraordinary. Join Jacob’s musical journey, where every note tells a story
of belonging and strength.

About the Author

Jacqueline Diaz is a thought leader championing to make workplaces more
inclusive and accepting of neurodiversity. As the co-owner of a recruiting
agency and the founder of a The Steven Spectrum Career Project, a nonprofit
dedicated to placing the neurodiverse into the workforce, she dedicates
herself to empowering individuals of all backgrounds to thrive in their

Driven by a strong commitment to mental health, Jacqueline sees the
important link between wellness and professional success. She fearlessly
challenges the status quo and says work cultures need to make mental health
a priority, it’s not just ideal, it’s essential.

Jacqueline aims to create real change, one idea at a time. Through her
work, she raises up diverse voices and promotes environments where everyone
can succeed using their unique talents. Her mission extends far beyond mere
inspiration; she aims to spark meaningful change.


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