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Marc Mullinex


Children’s Book Series

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A collection of laugh-out-loud, stand-alone stories following the
adventures of Oscar the Rabbit and his forest friends. Fun to read aloud to
children ages 3–5, but great for early readers, too!

From riding bicycles for the first time to making friends with parrots who
only speak in squawks, Oscar and the gang get up to all kinds of mischief
and learn a few things along the way.

Perfect for fans of Winnie the Pooh and other animal tales, this series is
for kids who love snacks, naps, and silliness.


A Good Adventure

Oscar the Rabbits and Friends Series, Book One

Have you ever woken up from a nap feeling a little peckish for

When Oscar the Rabbit is rudely awoken by his grumpiest and very best
friend, McTavish, he insists they go on a trek.

The two have very different ideas about what makes for a good adventure,
but nonetheless, the Scottish rabbit hops behind his friend through the
prickly brambles, over the hillock, past the Kingdom of the Queen Bee, all
the way to a cornfield across the river.

There, they find unexpected treasure …

Excellent snacks …

And a loud, scary, corn-eating monster … also known as a combine

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Polly Goes Home

Oscar the Rabbits and Friends Series, Book Two


What would you do if a parrot came out of nowhere and started stealing your

Oscar the Rabbit and his best friend, McTavish, the highland legend, yell
at Polly the parrot for stealing their food but quickly realise that the
bird is lost, hungry, and needing their help.

The rabbits put past crimes aside and go on an adventure to help Polly, who
only speaks in squawks, back to her circus home.

By the end, Polly has pecked her way into both rabbits’ hearts, and even
grumpy McTavish is sad to see her go. Oscar, meanwhile, is mainly focused on
the cotton candy…

This sweet story about unexpected friendships and circus delights is sure
to inspire laughter when read aloud to children ages 3¬¬–5 but
also works brilliantly for early school readers.

Perfect for fans of The Interrupting Chicken and The Bear Ate Your

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Oscar the Rabbits and Friends Series, Book Three

Sometimes sibling arguments end in laughter, and sometimes they end in a
full-scale war over a junkyard heap … this story has both.

In this book from the series Oscar the Rabbit and Friends, we meet Sam and
Pam, a set of bickering twins who get left in charge of a fluffle of baby
rabbits for a day.

What happens when a group of bunnies are left to their own devices?

They build forts at a junkyard, of course, and start a muddy war over which
one is better.

This story of forts and sibling rivalry will bring many laughs when read
aloud to children ages 3–5, but also works brilliantly for early
school readers. Perfect for fans of The Interrupting Chicken and The Bear
Ate Your Sandwich!

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Otto Learns to Swim

Oscar the Rabbits and Friends Series, Book Four

This story about a baby otter having an identity crisis is as much for
children aged 3–8 as it is for the kid in all of us …

It’s Otto’s birthday, and he decides to become a pirate. The
only problem? His mom says that if he wants to sail across the seven seas,
he must first learn how to swim.

As Oscar the Rabbit and his bickering bunny friends, Sam and Pam, watch
from the riverbank, Otto gets a swimming lesson from his mum.

At first, he sinks. He splutters. He panics. And then he soars!

Soon, Otto is slipping through the river like a true otter. His pirate
costume, long-forgotten, Otto learns that all he needs to be on is

Read this story aloud to any small children facing the scary journey of
self-discovery or their first swimming lessons. It’s also perfect for
early-school readers and any fans of The Gruffalo!


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Oscar the Rabbits and Friends Series, Book Five


In this classic Oscar and McTavish tale, Oscar faces the ultimate
challenge: learning to ride a bicycle.

This story hurtles down the hill of scary new experiences, great feats of
engineering, and the endearing friendship of two rabbits who are as good at
teasing each other as they are at giving each other pep talks.

You can expect:

•         A rabbit building a

•         Another rabbit riding
that bicycle.

•         Both rabbits screaming
down a hill and narrowly avoiding the hungry attention of two cats.

Read this story aloud to kids aged 3–5 or give it to early school
readers. It’s the perfect story to get kids excited about riding a
bicycle for the first time and teach them how best to support friends
through scary things. Fans of Winnie the Pooh and The Gruffalo will love
this book!

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 About the Author

It is hard to tell where a story comes from.

Sometimes I write an idea down, sometimes Adam, the illustrator, draws a
picture. Sometimes we both have the same idea at the same time which is when
we know we are on the right track.

I then write down too many words, and Adam draws too many pictures.

Adam and I then spend the rest of our creative time arguing over which
words and which pictures to use. Eventually, we believe we have chosen the
right words and the right pictures for the story.

We then try to turn the words and pictures into a book and realise that, in
fact, we must start all over again.

This is known as the artist’s journey.

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