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Marc Mullinex


Poopie Suits Series, Book 4


History – US submarine Force

Date Published: 09-08-2023


Sub Tales 4 is the latest offering by brothers Charles and Frank Hood in
their prolific output of nonfiction books about the US Submarine Force. Like
the three volumes preceding it in the series, Sub Tales 4 offers a detailed
recounting of some of the most pivotal and poignant moments in the rich
history of the Silent Service. Arranged as an anthology of individual short
stories, the book covers many subjects with prose, photographs, maps,
schematics, and other illustrations to complement the narrative.

About the Author

Charles Hood is a Physician in South Carolina. He is the principal author
of 7 of the 8 books in the Poopie Suits Series of True Stories, not fiction,
from the US Submarine Force. Covering decades and wars and the Cold War,
these stories offer insight into the severe world of the men (and now women)
living inside a steel tube designed to sink.  What were the pressures
they faced, the close calls, the unique encounters in ports, how did their
families cope?  These subjects, and a whole lot more are covered in the
Poopie Suits Series.

Frank Hood served on a nuclear submarine from 1968-1972 and his story
“Poopie Suits & Cowboy Boots – Tales from a Submarine Officer
During the Height of the Cold War”  was his story.  Surviving
an odd interview with VADM Hyman G. Rickover was the first test.  His
story interweaves with the culture of the time, the Vietnam War, campus
protests, the race with the Soviets to build deeper diving, quiter
submarines, and a lot more.


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