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Book Blitz: The Birds Sang Eulogies

Memoir, Non-fiction

Date Published: November 2019

 Publisher: Gersten Weitz Publishers


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Three generations tell an incredible story of survival in the poignant
Holocaust memoir The Birds Sang Eulogies.The survivors Anna and Danny
Geslewitz tell of their harrowing wartime experiences. Danny’s began
in the Lodz ghetto in Poland, then continued in Auschwitz, then in a series
of forced labor camps. Anna’s journey took her from the horrors of the
Lvov ghetto to a flight into Germany to avoid death in the ghetto. The end
of the war, while it ended their years of agony and deprivation, found Danny
barely alive and struggling to regain his health and Anna dealing with the
post-war chaos as she tried to locate family. The book then follows Anna and
Danny’s daughter and granddaughter years later when they travel to
Poland and record their reactions to the sites of their family’s
suffering. These riveting accounts close with moving poetry written by Anna.
Readers will share the sorrow and terror the poems express as they marvel at
the bonds of these three generations.



In this poignant memoir, The Birds Sang Eulogies, Anna and Danny
Geslewitz’s incredible stories of survival are told by them, their daughter
and their granddaughter, three generations affected by the Holocaust.
Danny’s agonizing story began the moment the Germans invaded Lodz, Poland in
1939. His harrowing story of survival begins in the ghetto where starvation
and death were rampant. When the Germans liquidated the ghetto in 1944,
Danny and his remaining family members were sent to Auschwitz. Danny’s
description of hell on earth leaves the reader horrified. After enduring
Auschwitz for three weeks, Danny and his brothers began nightmarish journeys
to seven forced labor camps were they endured inconceivable deprivations.
After witnessing two brothers perish, Danny is near death when suddenly the
Germans disappear. Living in the eastern Polish city of Lvov, Anna vividly
describes life and death in the Lvov Ghetto. When it becomes clear that the
Germans will kill every remaining Jew in the ghetto, she and her sister flee
into Germany. There, Anna works as a maid in German household. She lives a
life of constant terror fearing that her Jewish identity will be discovered.
The mayhem of liberation brings its own challenges to Anna and Danny. Barely
alive, Danny struggled to regain his health. Anna scrambled to find a way to
survive in the chaos and find her sister from whom she had been separated.
As Danny and Anna worked to find their place in life, they meet in Germany.
Together, they begin a memorable new chapter. Years later, their daughter
and granddaughter travel to Poland. Their personal accounts of their trips
are riveting. Anna Geslewitz was a poet. One can feel her sorrow, terror and
angst as one reads her poems. The poems are included in The Birds Sang
Eulogies: A Memoir.

About the Author

Ms. Raz is a retired speech pathologist and the author of the popular Help
Me Talk Right books How to Teach a Child to Say the “R” Sound in
15 Easy Lessons, How to Teach a Child to Say the “S” Sound in 15
Easy Lessons and How to Teach a Child to Say the “L” Sound in 15
Easy Lessons and Preschool Stuttering: What Parents Can Do. Ms. Raz is also
a contributing author in other publications.

Ms. Raz is a past president of the Phoenix Holocaust
Survivors’Association. She is a member of the Board and the Education
Chair for the Phoenix Holocaust Association. Ms. Raz newest publication is
The Birds Sang Eulogies: A Memoir. The book recounts the harrowing
experiences of her parents during WWII as they struggled to survive the
Nazi’s attempted extermination of the Jews.

Ms. Raz is married to Zohar Raz. They are the proud parents of two
daughters and two grandchildren.


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