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Children’s & (young at heart) Short Story Rhyme Book

Publishing Date: January 17th, 2022


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A humorous short story Childrens Rhyme Book about a haunted house, a young
boy, ghosts and a mouse.

This Halloween rhyme story was first written by Lawrence at an early age
who remembers always being curious at the appearances of large abandoned
houses around his hometown neighborhood. Lawrence’s imagination would often
get the best of him and he often thought of how spooky those unoccupied
houses seemed to be and he then would ask himself, is there really such
things as ghosts and goblins lurking in the shadows of those large weird and
empty houses? Writing about such nonsense was a great way to share those
thoughts and to sometimes get lots of laughs from, not only himself, but
also from many of those who would listen to him recite such farfetched
rhyming stories, whereby it was always Lawrence’s intentions to someday
publish the many rhyming stories he continued to write and share with others
from an early age and until this day.

About the Author

L.G. Ingle lives in New Pekin, Indiana and enjoys writing poetry, songs and
rhymes, both fictional and realistic ones. He has had numerous poems
published in various magazines and books since 1988, and is now publishing
his first children’s short story rhyme book: “Billy Amigo &
Lil’ Willy Wiggle”.

L.G. has also another short story children’s rhyme books being
published soon after his above-mentioned publication and his second and next
one is called: “The Haunted House Bubba Rouse and The Halloween Mouse.
He contemplates many other short story rhymes on the horizon for all

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